About SupplyChainBrain

SupplyChainBrain is the world's most comprehensive supply chain management information resource. In addition to providing complete coverage of all fundamental supply chain principles, SupplyChainBrain identifies emerging trends, strategies and best practices, forward-thinking ideas, cutting-edge solutions and the latest innovations - and continues to write and report on these as they evolve and mature.


SupplyChainBrain is for the high-level executive concerned with managing risk, aligning the supply chain with corporate planning, achieving competitive advantage, balancing customer demands with the need to control cost, and improving the bottom line. The industry's most experienced staff and many well respected content partners offer executive decision-makers a synthesis of many minds, singularly focused and delivered in the medium they choose.


About Keller International Publishing Corp.

Keller International Publishing Corp., one of the world's oldest privately held publishing companies, was founded in 1882. During its 125-year history, Keller International Publishing Corp. has successfully introduced and acquired business publications covering a wide range of products, services and practices for global manufacturing, processing, distribution and supply-chain management. Keller is the leader in Spanish-language Latin American business publications. Keller's publications have been circulated in more than 200 countries and traditionally have been published in the world's most commonly used business languages.