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Technologies Provide Huge Savings for Retailers When Items Returned

Technologies Provide Huge Savings for Retailers When Items Returned

Returned merchandise, which retailers have to discount or even dump, end up costing U.S. merchants as much as $20bn a year, and are a "ticking time bomb" that threatens retailers' profitability. To avoid that blowup, merchants are turning to new technologies. »

How the Internet of Things Will Impact Supply Chain

The Internet of Things was born in the world of manufacturing and complex devices. Xavier Mesrobian, vice president of sales and marketing with Skkynet Cloud Systems Inc., shows how the concept is beginning to impact supply-chain management. »

Data Generated By Internet of Things Can Transform Supply Chain Management

Data Generated By Internet of Things Can Transform Supply Chain Management

When we talk about the Internet of Things, most people think about the flood of wearables and connected devices that will be put into the hands of the consumers. This same trend, though, has the potential to transform, in good ways, supply chain management. »

Supply Chain Meets the Internet of Things

Scott Nelson, chief technology officer with LogicPD, discusses how application of the Internet of Things to supply-chain management can influence key make-versus-buy decisions. »

Identifying the Top 15 Supply Chains to Admire

Lora Cecere, CEO of Supply Chain Insights, discusses new research from her company designed to identify the top 15 supply chains as measured against their peers, including capabilities and strategies that these companies share. »

Unintended Impacts of Omnichannel Distribution

The shift toward omnichannel distribution has both positive and negative unintended impacts. On the positive side are opportunities to blend and leverage channels; on the downside are organizational and operational gaps. Steven DeFazio, executive vice president at Fortna, offers insights on both. »

How 3PLs are Responding to the 'Amazon Effect' and Other Market Trends

The Amazon effect is raising consumer expectations for delivery services - expectations that logistics providers are struggling to meet without degrading margins, says Robert Lieb, supply chain management professor at Northeastern University. Lieb discusses this and other trends revealed in the... »

Visual Mapping of Supply Chain Risks Improves Response

Having a visual map that overlays a company's key facilities, suppliers and lanes with actual or potential risks helps enable faster reaction to supply chain disruptions, says Chris Kushmaul, director of supply chain solutions at IDV Solutions. »

Intelligent Transportation Planning

Intelligent Transportation Planning

The goal of intelligent transportation planning is to enable decisions based on what is happening across the entire supply chain, from upstream demand to downstream constraints, in order to create both value and resiliency, says Fabrizio Brasca, vice president of solutions strategy at JDA Software. »

Retail Backrooms: A Revolution in Roles and Business Value

Retail backrooms are becoming more critical than ever in today’s evolving omnichannel world. This white paper exposes a new way of thinking about backrooms and answers today’s most pressing questions about them. Download white paper »

Distribution and Fulfillment Facility Optimization

How are today’s companies meeting distribution operations challenges? From optimization to cost pressures, discover what today’s supply chain leaders have to say in this new report about the current distribution environment. Download report »

Category Management: Streamlined Procurement Function

Supplier category management programs involve the strategic development, assessment, and monitoring of procurement and supplier performance in specific supplier categories. Data from APQC's Open Standards Benchmarking in procurement indicates that organizations with category management programs... »

Leading Companies Evolve, Reinvent Their Supply Chains

In recent decades, companies in sectors from automotive and high-tech to retail and consumer packaged goods have come to realize that their supply chain is much more than the cost of getting products into customers' hands. These companies understand that it is the supply chain that translates... »

Redefining Supply Chain Management for Today's Reality

Managing the multiple relationships in today's supply chains requires a new level of cross-functional business processes, says Doug Lambert, director of the Global Supply Chain Forum at Ohio State. He identifies eight critical processes and explains methods for implementing them. »

RFID: On the Rise Again

The focus of RFID in the supply chain has shifted from case tagging to item tagging, says Ann Grackin, CEO of ChainLink Research. Grackin explains why this is so and details other areas of the supply chain where RFID is being embraced. »

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