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Is It Too Early to Say There Is a Renaissance in Manufacturing?

Forging a revolution in thought, application and process, the expansion policies set into place across the country have spurred a new environment in manufacturing one which is set to renew what we know of industry, change the way we produce goods and spark innovations of intellect and function... »

Despite Media Hoopla, 3D Printing Remains in Its Infancy, Report Says

Despite Media Hoopla, 3D Printing Remains in Its Infancy, Report Says

Additive manufacturing - AKA 3D printing - is one of eight major technologies that will drive companies and business models in the future to either adapt or die, according to a Goldman Sachs report entitled The Search for Creative Destruction. However, 3D printing is still very much in its infancy,... »

Why Companies Can't Afford Not to Have an IT-centric Supply Chain

Shifting supply chains to become driven by IT means businesses can standardise their processes and become less likely to run out of stock, says Dominic Regan, EMEA director of supply chain applications at Oracle. »

Making the Case for In-store Pickup of Online Orders

Making the Case for In-store Pickup of Online Orders

It's no secret that the apparel, accessory and lifestyle world has long led the way in driving digital innovation across the retail frontier. Considering early initiatives around the convergence of in-store and online channels, several apparel pioneers come to mind Macy's, Bloomingdales,... »

What Growing Companies Need in a Logistics Provider

For growing ecommerce companies, timeliness is next to godliness. According to the 2014 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper survey, half of consumers have abandoned carts due to a lengthy delivery time or no delivery date provided on a retailer's website. »

Why Disney's MagicBands Are a Cash Cow in the Making

Disney found another way to simplify guests' resort experience and make a ton of money in the process. Just in time for summer, Disney has rolled out RFID-enabled MagicBands for guests visiting the Walt Disney World resort. »

Logistics Challenges in Mexico

As companies shift manufacturing back from Asia to the western hemisphere, they are increasingly looking at Mexico as an alternative for low-cost production. Matt Hamson, chief executive officer of Coronado Logistics Inc., outlines the country's pros and cons. »

How Organizations Extend Lean to Their Supply Chains

There are many opinions on how organizations can achieve efficiency and effectiveness in their supply chains. One method organizations employ to achieve these goals is the adoption of lean processes. Two Shingo Prize winners, Lycoming Engines and US Synthetic, have extended their internal lean... »

Retail, So in Need of Innovative Technology, Is Said to Be Slow to Make IT Investment

Retailers generally have a reputation for being slow to embrace the latest innovations in technology. According to data from the U.S. Census Bureau, the retail industry as a whole spends far less on technology than nearly all other service sectors. »

The Role of Leadership in Supply-Chain Excellence

What makes a great supply-chain leader? Steve DiBlasi, vice president of global sourcing with Lanier Clothes, has an answer. »

Most Retail CEOs Don't See Omnichannel Shopping Affecting Them. What Are They Thinking?

Most Retail CEOs Don't See Omnichannel Shopping Affecting Them. What Are They Thinking?

The technology-driven shift to omnichannel shopping is the most transformative change to hit retail in decades. Yet in a global survey of CEOs conducted by PwC, only 22 percent felt this monumental shift would impact their organizations. Are these retail CEOs missing the boat? »

Small Business Finds 3D Printing Can Bring Cost Savings

Small Business Finds 3D Printing Can Bring Cost Savings

Since David Friedfeld took over ClearVision Optical from his father in 1985, he's seen most eyewear manufacturing move overseas. The 120-employee company, based in Hauppauge, N.Y., is bringing a small piece of it back. Last year, Friedfeld purchased an entry-level 3D printer for just under $3,000.... »

Obama Could Act on Foreign Workers' H-1B Visas Without Congressional Approval

With Congress failing to agree on immigration reform, President Barack Obama is promising to bring changes through executive actions. He has options that may have broad impacts on immigration generally, as well as the H-1B and green card visa systems. »

Hyper-innovation Redefines 'Possible' in Today's Manufacturing

Hyper-innovation Redefines 'Possible' in Today's Manufacturing

The manufacturing world is entering an era of hyper-innovation where advances in technology and material science are rapidly changing what we consider "possible" and creating new business opportunities along the way. »

Poorly Managed Excess Inventory Poses Threat to Supply Chain

A long-standing challenge in the electronics supply chain is the management of so-called "excess" inventory. When an OEM or EMS provider orders too much product, it is often sold in the open market to distributors that are not franchised by component suppliers. »

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