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How E-commerce Is Impacting 3PL Operations

How E-commerce Is Impacting 3PL Operations

Randy Curran, CEO of OHL, talks about the impact of e-commerce on the 3PL industry today and viagra online 50mg in the future and similar cialis discusses how the omnichannel customer is changing logistics operations. »

JDA Concentrates Focus on Global 3PL Market

JDA Software recently formed a new global 3PL business unit to focus on sales and soft gel viagra tablets product development for this market sector. Unit leader Peter van Merode discusses the strategy behind this move and viagra sales in canada shares views on the global 3PL market. »

5 B2B Marketing Trends for 2015 That You Should Be Doing Right Now

We may have barely crossed into the second half of 2014, but if you want to have a big year in 2015, you should jump on your game plan now. As you lay the foundation of your 2015 marketing strategy, here are five marketing trends to give you a jumpstart on your big projects for the rest of this... »

Why You Should Use Blogs and very very cheap viagra Podcasts to Market Your Business

In the old days (five to 10 years ago in Internet years), a common question asked of small-business owners was if they had or planned to have a website in their marketing arsenal. Now having a website is almost a prerequisite to being in business. The updated question is now, "Do you have a... »

Communication Via Storytelling: Magic, Management and get cialis Logistics

What do magicians have in common with the business world? Joe Turner, chief impossibility officer with TurnerMagic.com, discusses how the art of illusion can reveal important truths about excellence in marketing and fast viagra cost management. [Specifically for marketing: go to 8:28 time stamp.] WATCH VIDEO »

B2B Marketing Strategy: Integrate Inbound and viagra generic uk Outbound For The Best Results

Yes, you can call your potential buyer, but can you stay in contact with them every day? Yes, you can put an ad in a magazine, but after one pass through the June-July issue, will they really remember you? Yes, you can talk to a purchase agent at a trade show, but what happens after everyone... »

Content Marketing Best Practices for B2B Brands

Defining great content is no easy matter. To some CMOs or execs the definition may be similar to the Potter Stewart's quote about obscenity: "I know it when I see it." I wish I could tell you it is this easy. It's not; but, here are critical benchmarks you should be aware of to create... »

The B2B Content Marketing Strategy Checklist

A big, fat, roll-up-your-sleeves guide for B2B marketers »

Need Something from the Vending Machine - Saw Blade, Drill Bit, Wrench?

Need Something from the Vending Machine  Saw Blade, Drill Bit, Wrench?

There's an episode of The Office TV show involving a prank on a hapless colleague in which the victim's desk contents - his stapler, pencil cup, plate, even his wallet-are stashed inside the office vending machine. It does not occur to any of the sitcom's characters to turn these hijinks into a... »

Implementing Lean in LTL Operations

After spending a decade working with lean processes at Menlo Worldwide Logistics, Jeff Rivera is now leading the lean implementation at Con-way Freight, a major LTL company. He discusses the challenges and discount generic viagra panama opportunities of Con-way's lean journey. »

Getting the Kids Hooked on Supply Chain Management

Getting the Kids Hooked on Supply Chain Management

How do you explain business situations and generic cialis soft tabs supply chain management practices in a way that gets kids excited? You make a game of it. Business on the Move has done just that. »

Companies Are Looking to Their CPOs for a Supply Chain Revolution

Companies are looking more towards chief purchasing officers to help them understand supply chain risks, while firms which are collaborating and buy cialis by the pill sharing information about their suppliers are reducing the cost of due diligence for themselves and is generic cialis ok making their business more competitive. »

Bullish Outlook for Domestic Freight Industry

CarrierDirect works with many transportation and usa cialis logistics companies to develop business strategies. President Joel Clum shares his bullish outlook on the U.S. domestic freight market and mail order cialis on the companies that he thinks are best positioned to take advantage of an improving market. »

What Lessons Were Learned from Air Force's Failed $1Bn ERP Implementation?

What Lessons Were Learned from Air Force's Failed $1Bn ERP Implementation?

The United States Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations has issued its official report on the Air Force's failed enterprise resource planning system implementation. The Air Force Expeditionary Combat Support System (ECSS) was supposed to be a "transformational" logistics program that... »

3PL Growth Strategies for Any Economy

3PL Growth Strategies for Any Economy

Doug Waggoner, CEO of Echo Logistics, talks about Echo's rapid growth and shares insights on growth strategies that transcend changing economic conditions. »

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