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Which Is More Appropriate for Your Company - Public Cloud or Private Cloud?

Which Is More Appropriate for Your Company – Public Cloud or Private Cloud?

When is it better to use a public cloud versus a managed hosting or collocation environment? A recent case study finds that if an organization is spending more than $7,644 in Amazon’s cloud each month, then it can be cheaper to operate a private cloud. »

Supply-Chain Overhaul at Marquis: A Case Study

Marquis, a specialist in energy and agricultural commodities, needed a new approach to supply-chain planning and optimization. Bart Pieper, director of business technology and integration, tells how the company found the right technology vendor for the job. »

Transformations in Manufacturing Lead to Future Smart Plants

Imagine if an enterprise in the United States was able to access vital product line information of a subsidiary plant in India or a crank shaft supplier being able to locate its component in an automobile across the globe or a machine being to self-assemble at the end destination. Technology... »

Can You Afford to Offer Same-Day or Next-Day Delivery?

You need to understand the requirements around speed of delivery, and the cost. Clients often come with questions like, "My customers want next-day delivery, what is it going to cost me to deliver that?" And the short answer is, "it depends." »

Everyone's Talking About Internet of Things, But Do They Really Know What It Is?

Just as the use of the word "cloud" exploded in the late 2000s, we have seen the term "Internet of Things" (IoT) appearing everywhere during the past couple of years. It seems as though everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Can one make sense of this phenomenon? »

All Together Now: Collaborative Sourcing Helps Save Money

Increasingly, the supply chain and procurement departments are turning to digital solutions, rather than traditional manual systems, to maximize results. Recent research points to a substantial potential upside. »

Disruptive Technology and Supply-Chain Excellence at 3M

Scott Olson, vice president of manufacturing and supply chain services with 3M, describes the company's approach to "disruptive technology," as well as the structure of its Center of Excellence. »

The Alibaba Effect: What Today’s 3PLs Need to Know

Download this new paper to learn how marketplaces like Alibaba are developing new opportunities for retailers and consumer product companies. What are the best ways that 3PLs can provide smart supply chain solutions to support them? Download white paper »

Reinventing the 3PL Model: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

Find out the new trends and “outside the box” thinking that are impacting how today’s 3PLs work. Download report »

Manufacturers Must Adapt to Customers Who Can Now Demand, Design Products

A new industrial revolution is upon us, characterized by "smart devices", which are part of an "Internet of Things" or IoT that can actually direct machines on the shop floor by communicating autonomously "device-to-device" to man-age manufacturing operations and distribution. »

E-commerce Fundamentally Changing B2B Commerce, Just as in B2C World

E-commerce Fundamentally Changing B2B Commerce, Just as in B2C World

Businesses are continuing to shift resources from brick-and-mortar and other traditional sales channels to an e-commerce environment. What began primarily for business-to-consumer shopping is being emulated by merchants in the business-to-business sector, and has thus far been successful. »

Serious About Sustainability? Incorporate SmartWay Into Your RFPs

Serious About Sustainability? Incorporate SmartWay Into Your RFPs

Managing carbon emissions in your supply chain is a constant challenge. You may have control over your own facilities and operations, but it's hard to influence the sustainability practices of third-party carriers and 3PLs. Your request for proposal (RFP) process provides a powerful (and... »

Growing U.S. Population Demands Better Transportation, Delivery Infrastructure

For all of our activities, the average American requires the movement of 57 tons of cargo per year. »

Eastman Chemical's New Direction in Procurement

Eastman Chemical wanted to shift its focus from commodity to specialty chemicals. But the change would necessitate a major transformation of the company's supply chain, and a whole new relationship with suppliers. Mike Berry, vice president of global procurement and chief procurement officer, tells... »

Dell's Innovative Approach to Birthing Innovation

Dell's Innovative Approach to Birthing Innovation

A conversation with Tom Maher, director of global service parts at Dell Inc. »

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