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Innovative Transportation Solutions for the Mexican Market

Innovative Transportation Solutions for the Mexican Market

How has cross-border transportation evolved over the last few years? And what is the potential for intermodal in Mexico? We get some answers from Ben Enriquez, country director with Transplace Mexico, and Danny Beers, Mexico intermodal project leader with Transplace. »

Automating Upstream Supply Chain Leads to Efficiencies, Cost Savings in Oil & Gas Industry

The rapid progress of technology, such as big data and analytics, sensors, and control systems, offers oil and gas companies the chance to automate high-cost, dangerous or error-prone tasks. Most oil and gas operators are starting to capture these opportunities and would do well to accelerate their... »

Transportation Bills and Regulations That Could Impact Your Business

Transportation Bills and Regulations That Could Impact Your Business

Tom Sanderson, chief executive officer of Transplace, runs down the various new regulations and pieces of legislation that could have a deep impact on shippers and the nation's transportation system. »

Skills Gap? Isn't Highly Qualified U.S. Workforce Just Under-Trained?

In the debate over why the U.S. has been so slow to emerge from the Great Recession, many have laid the blame on what's become known as the skills gap: Despite an abundance of workers, too many simply aren't qualified to fill the jobs available. Even now that hiring is running at its fastest clip... »

Whether on U.S. East or West Coast, Companies Want DCs Near 'Megapolitan' Areas, Report Says

Companies are heavily scrutinizing transportation costs in East Coast and West Coast seaports-and inland cities with strong transportation links-locating facilities in markets best able to serve established and emerging "megapolitan" areas in a quick, cost-effective manner, according to a report... »

Six Reasons Why Manufacturers Remain Reluctant to Let the Cloud Into Their Businesses

Six Reasons Why Manufacturers Remain Reluctant to Let the Cloud Into Their Businesses

There is no shortage of software-as-a-service (SaaS)–based manufacturing enterprise resource planning software offerings nowadays, for almost any vertical manufacturing market segment. But while cloud and hosted solutions are routine for many types of business software across various industries,... »

3PL vs. Freight Broker: Which One Should You Use?

The terms "3PL" and "broker" are often used interchangeably, but they mean quite different things. George Abernathy, president and chief commercial officer of Transplace, explains the distinction, and offers advice on which entity to employ in various situations. »

Supply Chain Strategy and the Boardroom

Solving Efeso and the Cranfield School of Management conducted a multi-year study on how companies approach supply chain strategy at the boardroom level, correlating specific practices with supply chain performance and business success. Steve Mayhew, principal consultant at Solving Efeso, discusses... »

How to Become Your Carrier's 'Shipper of Choice'

How to Become Your Carrier's 'Shipper of Choice'

Transportation capacity is tightening up, and carriers can afford to be pickier about which shippers they favor. Ben Cubitt, senior vice president of engineering and consulting with Transplace, offers some tips on how to be that preferred customer. »

Supertanker - Super Savings: Running a Tight Ship with Automated Dock Scheduling

Supertanker – Super Savings: Running a Tight Ship with Automated Dock Scheduling

Liquid bulk shipping requires complex planning and scheduling. For many oil, gas and chemical companies, getting the business in shape to manage incoming and outgoing shipments drives competitive edge. As prices fluctuate on a daily basis, understanding the options on large crude oil vessels and... »

Tactical Transportation Planning and Backhaul Optimization

Solutions that allow users to tactically plan transportation routes and optimize backhauls enable significant efficiencies, says Sara Curtis, principal consultant at Peak 5. She explains how Peak 5 works with clients to implement and leverage these applications. »

While Dangers Remain, Supply Chain Risk Recorded at 18-Month Low

Global supply chain risk reached an 18-month low in Q2 2014, decreasing for three consecutive quarters for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, according to the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply's (CIPS) latest CIPS Risk Index (CRI). »

How Southco Has Used IO to Improve Its Network

Karen Hogan, global director of operational excellence at Southco, discusses the challenges of multi-echelon inventory optimization and how Southco has used solutions from LLamasoft to integrate IO into a monthly planning process. »

Supply Chain Modeling and Optimization in a Global Business

TE Connectivity is a $13bn world leader in designing and manufacturing electronic connectivity products for a range of industries. Ruud Somers, director of global network design, discusses how the company uses supply chain modeling and optimization solutions to support the high service demands of... »

Getting to We: The Guiding Principles

To build a relationship that results in collaboration and shared benefit, partnering organizations should embrace six guiding principles. In this article, Kate Vitasek of the University of Tennessee's Center for Executive Education describes how organizations can adopt these principles to create... »

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