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Deliv Expands Across U.S., Takes Macy's, Best Buy, Others Along

In a move that it says puts it on equal footing with Prime Now's domestic coverage, crowdsourced same-day delivery provider Deliv has expanded to 1,400 U.S. cities in 33 markets, up from 19 markets previously - allowing retail customers like Macy's and Best Buy to greatly increase the range of their services.

Deliv says it has become easier to add new markets with existing retail and e-commerce companies by simply adding new ZIP codes and onboarding drivers. Its retail customers are touting their ability to offer the convenience and speed of same-day delivery this holiday season.

In addition to Macy’s and Best Buy, other retailers expanding their same-day delivery coverage with Deliv include Bloomingdale’s, BloomThat, Fry’s Electronics, K&L Wine Merchants, Office Depot, PetSmart and Plated.

With Amazon continually building out its empire, slashing prices at Whole Foods, adding bookstores, letting customers try on clothes and expanding Prime Now services to Canada and elsewhere, retailers and online companies are looking for any competitive edge they can get. One quick and easy step is by outsourcing same-day delivery, an increasingly popular option in metropolitan areas.

“Same-day delivery is quickly becoming table stakes across every retail segment,” said Daphne Carmeli, CEO and founder of Deliv in a release. “With Deliv, retailers can offer their customers that same exceptional level customer experience without the need to invest in their own asset-based delivery fleet.”

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