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Infrastructure Issue Bridges Gap Between Forwarders, Integrators
A decade-old major highway bridge collapse in Minneapolis still serves as a deadly reminder of the price our nation pays for lack of transportation infrastructure investment.... »

Eco-Labeled Foods Face High Fraud Risk, Research Shows
Organic and eco-labeled food products face high risk of food fraud because they command a higher price, and the growing market for sustainable and premium foods increases the... »

This Blockchain Startup Ties Coffee to Crypto This Blockchain Startup Ties Coffee to Crypto
If you dropped by Starbucks for a free cup of coffee on National Coffee Day, you would instead have been greeted by signs about the company's supply chain, ethical sourcing... »

What's Driving the Automotive Supply Chain?
Leaders in logistics, transportation management and academia discuss the capacity crunch that vehicle OEMs feel as manufacturing and sales sometimes threaten to outpace the... »

Supply Chain Velocity: Why the U.S.-Canada Border Works
Newcomers to U.S.-Canada trade, the world's largest commercial partnership, need quality brokers, forwarders and logistics partners, say Georges Lemieux, Consul & Sr.... »

The Importance of T-TIP to Trans-Atlantic Trade
The proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a trade agreement for the 21st Century, says Jeremy Pilmore-Bedford, British Consul General. The hope is that... »

Editors' Blog
Debating the Timetable for Supply-Chain Futureshock
The future is coming. But experts can't seem to agree on when it's going to show up.... »

Nafta 2.0: Will the Trump Administration's 'Wish List' Be Granted?
The North American Free Trade Agreement is back on the table. Will the patient survive?... »

Are There Enough Workers to Support U.S. Manufacturing Growth?
What if manufacturing came back to the U.S., and there weren't enough people to fill the jobs?... »

What to Expect From Nafta 2.0 What to Expect From Nafta 2.0
Can the North American Free Trade Agreement be saved?... »

The Return of American Manufacturing Jobs: A Progress Report The Return of American Manufacturing Jobs: A Progress Report
Are manufacturing jobs coming back to the U.S.? For that matter, was offshoring the reason for their disappearance in the first place?... »

What's Going to Happen to Nafta? What's Going to Happen to Nafta?
The Northern American Free Trade Agreement is 25 years old, but whether it lives to see another year is an open question.... »

Diamond Dealers Cling to the Old Days Diamond Dealers Cling to the Old Days
Ashit Mehta was stunned. Without notice, the representatives of Dutch bank ABN Amro marched into the offices of his global diamond empire, confiscated $150m of rocks, locked... »

Ivanka Trump's Supply Chains in China Cloaked in Secrecy
It is no secret that the bulk of Ivanka Trump's merchandise comes from China. But just which Chinese companies manufacture and export her handbags, shoes and clothes is more... »

Big Pharma Gets Boost As China Speeds Up New Drug Approvals
For decades, Chinese patients have struggled to gain access to cutting-edge medicines thanks to bureaucratic delays that have hamstrung drug development. Now a sweeping... »

White Papers
Four Barriers to Outsourcing: A Challenge for Third Party Logistics Providers
The success of third party logistics providers (3PLs) rises and falls with the ever-shifting strategies of the manufacturers, suppliers and retailers that make up their... »

Unlocking Successful Supply Chains in Emerging Markets
Emerging markets are on the rise, and buyers knowing how to get long delayed payment terms from these markets will help to open up new avenues for global brands to boost cash... »

Manufacturing in the Age of Uncertainty
Demand is a fickle thing. In today's highly unpredictable manufacturing environment we're seeing huge shifts in demand in global markets and massive disruptions caused by new... »

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