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Workshops for Warriors Trains Veterans for Additive Manufacturing Careers
Hernàn Luis y Prado, a U.S. Navy officer with combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, was upset over what was happening to returning veterans.... »

Q&A: Start-Ups Use Technology to Redesign the Hiring Process
Iris Bohnet, a behavioral economist and professor at the Harvard Kennedy School, spoke to the founders of two behavioral design start-ups, Kate Glazebrook of Applied and... »

Three Accelerators to Drive Digital Transformation Three Accelerators to Drive Digital Transformation
CIOs trying to lead digital transformation at the speed needed to succeed need a mix of three scale accelerators, according to Gartner, Inc. The three scale accelerators... »

Recruiting a New Generation of Supply-Chain Talent Recruiting a New Generation of Supply-Chain Talent
Supply-chain talent is among the biggest challenges that companies face today, says Allan Dow, president of Logility. He discusses the reasons behind the talent gap, and lays... »

The Importance of an LMS in Your Enterprise
A labor management system reports on warehouse worker productivity either after the fact or in real time. Investing in LMS software is no minor undertaking, but the ROI comes... »

Strategies for Effective Knowledge Transfer
Digital technology has drastically altered how employees teach, learn and share knowledge. Sarah Sedgman, Kinaxis Chief Knowledge Officer, details the transformation in the... »

Women in Supply Chain, 2017 Women in Supply Chain, 2017
We're well into the 21st century, but we seem no closer to achieving gender parity in supply-chain leadership positions.... »

How to Be a Corporate Whistleblower — and Survive How to Be a Corporate Whistleblower - and Survive
Corporate whistleblowers no longer have to pay a huge price for doing the right thing.... »

At Long Last, A.I. Comes to the Logistics Industry At Long Last, A.I. Comes to the Logistics Industry
It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence was applied to the field of logistics.... »

Freight and Warehousing Firms Add Jobs in September, Bucking Downturn
The freight transport and warehousing sector defied the national downturn in hiring last month, adding 12,400 jobs as warehouse operators and package-delivery companies... »

U.S. Loses Jobs for First Time in Seven Years As Hurricanes Buffet Market U.S. Loses Jobs for First Time in Seven Years As Hurricanes Buffet Market
The U.S. jobs market stalled in September, losing 33,000 jobs, as Hurricanes Harvey and Irma took their toll. It was the first time in seven years that the U.S. monthly total... »

Global Economy's Stubborn Reality: Plenty of Work, Not Enough Pay
In the three-plus decades since Ola Karlsson began painting houses and offices for a living, he has seen oil wealth transform the Norwegian economy. He has participated in a... »

White Papers
Can A More Modern Integrated Business Planning Process Actually Inspire Millennials?
Learn How to Leverage Millennial Traits Through IBP... »

Are You Ready for a Warehouse Management System?
There are many benefits to selecting and implementing a Warehouse Management System (WMS), including increased order accuracy, reduced order cycle times and improved... »

CFOs Take Control: Don't Let your Ship from Store Strategy Break the Bank
As a CFO, you are charged with making sure your company implements a successful ship from store strategy without breaking the bank. In this white paper, learn about the costs... »

Editors' Blog
Debating the Timetable for Supply-Chain Futureshock
The future is coming. But experts can't seem to agree on when it's going to show up.... »

For This Logistics Service Provider, The Game Is Afoot
If life is a game, then corporate management surely can't be the exception.... »

As The Gig Economy Grows, So Does Its Downside
Futurists extol the virtues of the gig economy - a world of contract workers who call their own hours and enjoy a degree of independence not available to full-timers. But... »

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