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U.S. Navy Ship Provides Backup for Puerto Rico's Hospitals
Puerto Rico's medical system is still struggling to recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. ... »

Hurricane Harvey Assistance Needed
Hurricane Harvey is disrupting commerce with devastating flooding and wind damage.... »

Opinion: Vaccine Supply Chains Need More Attention
Vaccine supply chains are the Chewbacca of the vaccine world: not because they are hairy (although they can get hairy), but because they are very important yet very... »

The Scourge of Slavery in Supply Chains The Scourge of Slavery in Supply Chains
Many would be surprised to learn the extent to which slavery is still present in global supply chains. Gary Barraco, senior director of supply chain solutions with Amber... »

VMI Transforms the Healthcare System in Zimbabwe
Dr. Abdourahmane Diallo, director of health systems strengthening with John Snow Inc., and Walter Proper, JSI's director of public health task order, relates the story of how... »

Fueling Talent Into Supply Chain and Logistics
A discussion about the talent gap in supply chain management -- and what 3PL Transplace is doing about it -- with Adrianne Court, chief human resources officer, and Blake... »

Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 2 Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 2
Struggling to determine whether there's forced labor lurking in your supply chain? There are some new tools available to help you do it.... »

Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 1 Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 1
Forced labor continues to be a serious issue in global supply chains today - and it's extremely tough to root out.... »

Blood on the Water: The Dismal Outlook for Ocean Carriers Blood on the Water: The Dismal Outlook for Ocean Carriers
Too many ships, too much rate discounting, and too many service providers for the market to support: the outlook for ocean carriers is "pretty bleak indeed."... »

Drone Defibrillator Delivery Could Save Thousands of Lives
Every year, cardiac arrests trigger the abrupt loss of heart function for 350,000 Americans, making it the leading cause of natural death in the country, according to the... »

Trucking Problems Are Still Slowing Aid Delivery in Puerto Rico
The relief and recovery effort in Puerto Rico continues to pose unique difficulties for aid organizations and businesses alike: the destruction of the island's electrical... »

Breakbulk Americas 2017 Attracts Entire Industrial Supply Chain
Now in its 28th year, Breakbulk Americas is set to host a record number of companies, representing the entire industrial supply chain for project development, Oct 17-19,... »

Editors' Blog
The Growing Pressure on Supply Chains to Eradicate Slavery and Human Trafficking
Laws and regulations to eliminate human-rights violations in global supply chains are multiplying. But companies shouldn't consider their current lack of "teeth" as a license... »

More Adventures in Sustainability: Keurig Green Mountain
The latest sustainability report from Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. finds a green company getting even greener.... »

SEC's Conflict Minerals Rule Is in ... Conflict
Just two weeks before companies are required to begin filing reports with the Securities and Exchange Commission on the presence of conflict minerals in their products,... »

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