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Trucking Problems Are Still Slowing Aid Delivery in Puerto Rico

The relief and recovery effort in Puerto Rico continues to pose unique difficulties for aid organizations and businesses alike: the destruction of the island's electrical grid and communications infrastructure has made routine tasks much more difficult, adding friction to every point of the... »

U.S. Navy Ship Provides Backup for Puerto Rico's Hospitals

Puerto Rico's medical system is still struggling to recover from the effects of Hurricane Maria. »

Breakbulk Americas 2017 Attracts Entire Industrial Supply Chain

Now in its 28th year, Breakbulk Americas is set to host a record number of companies, representing the entire industrial supply chain for project development, Oct 17-19, 2017. Thankfully, Hurricane Harvey left the event venue, the George R. Brown Convention Center, and nearby hotels unscathed.... »

Mountains of Aid Are Languishing on the Docks in Puerto Rico

Mountains of Aid Are Languishing on the Docks in Puerto Rico

Thousands of cargo containers bearing millions of emergency meals and other relief supplies have been piling up on San Juan’s docks since last week. »

Home-Improvement Retailers Scrambled to Restock in Florida

Home Depot Inc., Lowe's Co. and other home-improvement retailers are rushing supplies into Florida in Irma's wake, an effort critical to rebuilding efforts as well as their quarterly sales. »

Drones Play Increasing Role in Hurricane Recovery Efforts

Drones Play Increasing Role in Hurricane Recovery Efforts

For drone users, Hurricane Harvey is likely to be the event that propelled unmanned aircraft to become integral parts of government and corporate disaster-recovery efforts. »

Hurricane Harvey Assistance Needed

Hurricane Harvey is disrupting commerce with devastating flooding and wind damage. »

Hear from FEMA, World Bank, UNDP, World Vision and UNHCR at Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit 2017

The 9th annual Global Disaster Relief & Development Summit (6-7 September, Washington D.C.) strives to improve effectiveness, cost-efficiency and sustainability of aid operations and development programmes by bringing together regional and global expertise from government, NGOs, UN... »

Opinion: Vaccine Supply Chains Need More Attention

Vaccine supply chains are the Chewbacca of the vaccine world: not because they are hairy (although they can get hairy), but because they are very important yet very underappreciated. And like the Star Wars character Chewbacca, vaccine supply chains are much more complex than they may seem. »

Bonded Labor Found in Apple's Supply Chain

Apple says the company has uncovered 10 cases of bonded labor during supplier audits in 2016. »

Nestlé and Mars Act on Pet Food Supply Chain Abuses

Nestlé and Mars have pledged to take steps to ensure their pet food supply chains are free of human rights abuses and illegally caught seafood, according to Greenpeace. »

Kraft Heinz Expands Sustainability Push After Unilever Bid

Kraft Heinz Co., rebuffed recently in its bid to buy Unilever, is investing $200m in an expanded corporate social responsibility program that includes a pledge to fight malnutrition and decrease its environmental footprint. »

U.S. to Launch Competition for Projects to End Modern Slavery

The United States will launch a competition in the coming weeks to find projects that will reduce modern slavery, which by one estimate affects nearly 46 million people around the world, U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley announced last week. »

U.N. Bolsters Supply Chains to Prepare for Next Pandemic

The U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) wants to improve its response to disease outbreaks by increasing visibility in supply chains. »

Imagine a Silicon Valley of the Sea

In 2008, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel gave half a million dollars to a Google engineer named Patri Friedman, the grandson of economist Milton Friedman. The money was to establish the Seasteading Institute, which aims to spearhead the development of politically autonomous, floating "seasteads" in... »

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