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Target's New Online Strategy: Less Is More Target's New Online Strategy: Less Is More
Target Corp., under pressure after issuing a dismal profit warning for the year, is narrowing its focus and rethinking its digital strategy, even as competitors like Wal-Mart... »

Opinion: Supply Chain Transparency May Be the Next Disruptor
The "Amazon-Prime Effect" - the notion that everything you order should arrive on your doorstep in two days - has left brands and retailers scrambling to keep up. As... »

European Sportswear Retailer Brings RFID to Smart Fitting Rooms
After several months of piloting smart fitting rooms at a single store, a global sports apparel retailer is now installing the technology at 350 of its stores across Eastern... »

The Importance of Green Freight
By reducing transportation spend through its partnership with the EPA's SmartWay program, Home Depot is able to pass savings along to customers, says Michelle Livingstone,... »

Challenges in Managing Freight Efficiency
Using EPA SmartWay-certified trucks has enabled Meijer to meet regulatory challenges, says Chris Schomberg, logistics manager for the grocery chain. [Run Time (Min.): 4:45] ... »

Sustainability & Retail Freight Transportation
For retail, transportation is more complex than ever, says Jess Dankert, senior director of retail operations and supply chain at RILA. The EPA SmartWay program helps rein in... »

Editors' Blog
The Changing Role of the CPO: With Respect Comes Responsibility
A "celebrity" chief procurement officer? Isn't that a contradiction in terms?... »

Facing the Task of Facilitating WTO's Trade Facilitation Agreement
Free trade seems to have few friends in positions of power these days. But advocates of removing obstacles to the flow of international trade got at least one piece of good... »

For 3M, Technology Was the Key to a New Supply-Chain Mindset
It only makes sense that The 3M Company, with a business model resting almost entirely upon technology, would eventually get around to applying it to the supply chain.... »

e-commerce and the Amazon Effect e-commerce and the Amazon Effect
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Technology advancements over the past 20 years have given birth to the “now economy.” Because of the mobile and digital revolutions, customers today are... »

ERP + TMS:  The Best of Both Worlds ERP + TMS: The Best of Both Worlds
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR If you're like many other organizations, chances are you're using an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to manage your business information and... »

UPS to Charge for Peak Season Volume Shortfalls
In a move designed to capture network costs associated with retailers who fail to meet peak volume commitments, UPS is looking to charge them for shortfalls this year, CEO... »

U.S. Used-Car Glut Is a Dealer's Dream, Automakers' Nightmare U.S. Used-Car Glut Is a Dealer's Dream, Automakers' Nightmare
Three years ago if a customer walked onto Dan Reel's used car lot seeking a late-model off-lease Ford Escape, his answer was short: tough luck.... »

Amazon Makes Major Push Into Furniture Inc. wants to furnish your home. The online retail giant is making a major push into furniture and appliances, including building at least four massive warehouses... »

White Papers
The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers
Logistics providers discuss how they’re adjusting to major changes brought about by concerns over the economy, shifts in trade policy, the complexities of the omnichannel,... »

Eliminate Waste and Cut Costs with a LEAN Supply Chain
Ryder experts unveil the five leading principles for a LEAN supply chain, which leads to a culture of continuous improvement, increased efficiency and less waste. In the... »

Improving E-Commerce Fulfillment Through Business Integration
As e-commerce continues to outpace conventional retail, companies of all sizes are finding ways to disrupt traditional business models and seize market share. Unfortunately,... »

'Be Prepared to Stop': A Documentary About the Trucking Industry in Crisis 'Be Prepared to Stop': A Documentary About the Trucking Industry in Crisis
How long can our society get by without trucks? How about five days?... »

Survival Strategies for Struggling Retailers Survival Strategies for Struggling Retailers
In the age of the omnichannel, is there any hope for traditional retail chains?... »

The Real Reason Behind Lost U.S. Manufacturing Jobs The Real Reason Behind Lost U.S. Manufacturing Jobs
So the major driver behind all those lost American jobs is free trade? Not so fast.... »

Supplier Case Studies
Leveraging Enterprise Improvement to Mow Down the Competition
Challenge: North America's leading manufacturer and distributor of outdoor power equipment replacement parts experienced rapid growth that brought with it myriad challenges:... »

Nobody Thinks About Cargo Insurance. Until A Million Dollars Goes Up in Smoke.
Challenge: The Operations VP of an oil and pipeline construction company recently admitted there was a time when he wondered if his company's cargo insurance policy was worth... »

KANE Helps Club Store Chain Implement Cross Dock Strategy
Challenge: A major U.S. club store chain wanted a solution for more efficient cross docking.... »

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