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In-Store Replenishment & Other Fulfillment Concerns

If you can't beat Amazon on pricing, then you have to rely on the one thing you have that the e-commerce behemoth doesn't have and can't control: your network of stores. [Run Time (Min.): 9:44] »

The Futuristic Supply Chain

The Futuristic Supply Chain

Industry experts discuss cutting-edge applications of technology that will transform supply-chain execution in the years ahead, including artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, robotics, drones and autonomous vehicles. A SupplyChainBrain “In the Know” presentation. [Run Time... »

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers

The Changing Role of Logistics Service Providers

With the advent of the omnichannel, and the increasing complexity of global supply chains, logistics service providers are finding it essential to radically redefine their roles and offer a range of new solutions to shippers. In this special "In the Know" presentation, we get a... »

Making Sense of the Internet of Things

Making Sense of the Internet of Things

Industry experts talk about how the Internet of Things is transforming key processes within multiple areas of the supply chain. Managers are gaining access to an unprecedented amount of real-time data. But they also face the challenge of sifting through a flood of information. A SupplyChainBrain... »

Companies Undergoing Digitization Need Protection Against Cyber Attacks

Companies Undergoing Digitization Need Protection Against Cyber Attacks

The Industrial Internet of Things holds great promise for manufacturing and a number of verticals, but experts warn that we are not paying sufficient attention to securing interconnected systems. [Run Time (Min.): 10:33] »

Revolutionizing Supply Chain Planning

A conversation with executives at Kinaxis, a developer of supply-chain planning systems, and customers who say that the company's RapidResponse tool has greatly enabled their supply-chain processes from end to end. [Run Time (Min.): 16:01] »

The Future of Supply-Chain Talent

When it comes to securing supply-chain talent, the needs of global companies are changing dramatically. Experts discuss the capabilities and training that tomorrow's professionals will have to possess, in order to meet new challenges driven by increasing complexity, heightened customer demands and... »

Retail: Transportation, Tech & Other Trends

Retail: Transportation, Tech & Other Trends

While sustainable transportation is top of mind for many retailers, they also are concerned about site selection, visibility, omnichannel, reverse logistics, risk, cloud services and hiring the disabled. A SupplyChainBrain In The Know video presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 11:12] »

What's Driving the Automotive Supply Chain?

Leaders in logistics, transportation management and academia discuss the capacity crunch that vehicle OEMs feel as manufacturing and sales sometimes threaten to outpace the ability to get product to market efficiently or on time. [Run Time (Min.): 14:30] »

JIT Environment Requires Seamless Transportation

A discussion around the imperative to have JIT delivery in the beverage industry, and maximizing use of trucks rather than solely for direct-to-store deliveries. [Run Time (Min.): 17:48] »

Retail Tackles the Omnichannel

Conversations with retail industry thought leaders about how they're adjusting to the age of the omnichannel, and providing consumers with multiple options for ordering, picking up and receiving deliveries in a timely, efficient fashion. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation. [Run... »

Keys to Successful Planning and Forecasting

Experts explain the challenges, strategies and solutions that must be addressed in order to achieve accurate and dynamic planning and forecasting in today's global supply chains. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 11:46] »

The New Age of Supply Chain Technology

Experts discuss the cutting-edge innovations that are transforming multiple aspects of the global supply chain, affecting both planning and execution. A SupplyChainBrain "In the Know" presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 12:10] »

Pain Points in Discrete Manufacturing

Discrete manufacturing is undergoing a difficult time. In this SupplyChainBrain In The Know video presentation, several experts discuss some technologies helping industry weather these rough patches. [Run Time (Min.): 15:33] »

How 3D Printing Is Enhancing Traditional Manufacturing

No one thinks 3D printing will replace high-volume, discrete manufacturing, but experts are convinced that it will revolutionize aspects of it. A SupplyChainBrain In The Know video presentation. [Run Time (Min.): 13:48] »

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