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Supply Chain IT
Industrial Electric & Controls Manufacturer Automates Warehouse and Mobilizes Oracle Data
Small, manual warehouse expecting to double capacity and quadruple operations needed to automate processes and remove manual data-entry practices. Mobile workers had no... »

Mine or Yours? Should You Use Your Own WMS or Your 3PL's When You Outsource?
A good warehouse management system is an essential component of a company's distribution strategy, especially in the increasingly complex world of omnichannel fulfillment.... »

Adding Value to an Organization: Integrating a Logistics Center of Excellence
A Center of Excellence centralizes technology, processes and people needed to collect supply chain data that provides the visibility required to match objectives and goals of... »

Beyond Basic Forecasting
Forecasting is the catalyst that determines how your company serves customers, exploits opportunities, and drives performance. Sales, Finance, Manufacturing, Logistics, and... »

Top Three Reasons to Embrace an Integrated Business Planning Process
Successful sales and operations planning (S&OP) leads to more mature processes such as Integrated Business Planning (IBP) which distills complex, cumbersome, and... »

8 Methods that Improve Forecasting Accuracy
Research shows companies that are best at demand forecasting average 15% less inventory, 17% stronger perfect order fulfillment and 35% quicker cash-to-cash cycle times,... »

The Sentient Supply Chain
Powered by massive amounts of real-time big data, sophisticated machine learning algorithms and lightning fast processing, sentient supply chains have arrived. These... »

Trading Inventory for Information: Supply Chain Visibility
Every company is spending time and energy in identifying every last possible tweak that can be made in the name of efficiency. What other areas are there where we can further... »

Using the Integrated Business Planning (IBP) Process to Enhance the Integration of all Functions and Decision Making
Integrated Business Planning brings harmony to the planning processes.  By bringing into alignment Kimberly-Clark Corporation’s (Brazil) long-term planning for growth... »

Can A More Modern Integrated Business Planning Process Actually Inspire Millennials?
Learn How to Leverage Millennial Traits Through IBP

Hitting the Mark: Supply Chain Resilience
In today's globalized economy, companies are gaining competitive advantage by developing business relationships into more complex supply chains. While these relationships can... »

The B2B Integration Path - A Roadmap for Business Value Generation
This SCM World report outlines the B2B integration path and the benefits of B2B integration maturity, and offers expert recommendations for furthering your organization on... »

Integrated Product Portfolio and Project Management: The Art of New Product Demand Planning
Are you are having trouble forecasting new products further than 12 months out? Is lack of information keeping you from having consensus in a 24-36 month rolling Demand Plan?... »

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Legacy ERP Solutions: SaaS for Scalability & Efficiency
In this report, Mint Jutras explores the goals and challenges of companies who "graduate" from the likes of QuickBooks and other desktop solutions and make the... »

Is Your S&OP or IBP Process Delivering the Results You Expected?
Is your Sales & Operations Planning or Integrated Business Planning process delivering the results you expected? If not, read this new white paper. Oliver Wight's Jim... »

Demand Control: An Often Missing Link in the Demand Management
In this white paper, the authors define Demand Control and outline its importance in Demand Management. Done well, Demand Control takes chaos out of the order fulfillment and... »

Unlocking Successful Supply Chains in Emerging Markets
Emerging markets are on the rise, and buyers knowing how to get long delayed payment terms from these markets will help to open up new avenues for global brands to boost cash... »

Manufacturing in the Age of Uncertainty
Demand is a fickle thing. In today’s highly unpredictable manufacturing environment we’re seeing huge shifts in demand in global markets and massive disruptions caused by new... »

Supply Chain Takeaways From the Financial Crisis
No business was immune to the effects of the Financial Crisis, but those in the manufacturing sector were arguably hit the hardest as demand plummeted at alarming rates. Fast... »

Port of NANSHA Emerges as the Jewel of the West Pearl River Delta
The ever-increasing complexity and time-sensitivity of current international supply chain operations means that shippers should be increasing their options, and that means in... »

Safety in Logistics Operations
In logistics operations, the commitment to safety is all too often like the half-hearted embrace we give to an older aunt we occasionally see at family gatherings. We do it... »

The Ultimate Guide to Being a Great 3PL Customer
Many shippers commoditize the services of third party logistics providers (3PLs), believing that the best result will come from micromanagement and constant price pressure.... »

Look Who's Riding the Rails: Why Rail Has Become a Viable Option for Grocery Manufacturers
Slow service. Indirect routes. Poor visibility. These are just some of the reasons consumer goods companies have given for avoiding use of intermodal rail for freight moves.... »

Shifting the Paradigm of 'One-Size-Fits-All' for Shared Warehousing & Omni-channel Fulfillment
For companies who require unique omni-channel fulfillment for unique products, and don't have the size or scale to justify a dedicated warehouse, LeSaint Logistics is... »

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