Global Retailer Maximizes Supply Chain Performance With Improved Collaboration

Challenge: Inconvenienced by manually intensive processes, this global retailer of handbags and accessories recognized the need to transform its internal and external supply chain processes - facilitating the access of information with strategic trading partners, especially raw material suppliers. The company needed to standardize data management processes associated with material management, BOMs, costing collaboration and supplier allocation.

Solution: The retailer selected Amber Roadís Supply Chain Collaboration suite to centralize global sourcing processes and streamline supplier collaboration. The solution increases process efficiencies with supply trading partners by eliminating duplication and redundancies of product development and supply chain information.

Results: The project improved the retailerís management of information and processes with raw material suppliers, service providers and partners. The electronic exchange of information resulted in the ability to cost effectively respond to critical supply issues. The company improved collaboration with suppliers and partners, reduced error rates, accelerated time to market and improved supplier analysis.

About the Solution Provider: Amber Road helps companies transform their global supply chain, to improve margins, enable agility, and reduce risk. We increase operational efficiency, reduce direct costs, and create a faster, leaner, more agile supply chain. We do this through digitization, which allows for collaboration, automation, analytics and flexibility.

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