New Government Partnership to Boost Traceable Fishing

The United States Agency for International Development's Oceans and Fisheries Partnership (USAID Oceans) and Inmarsat have advanced communication technology to improve fisheries catch documentation and traceability.

New Government Partnership to Boost Traceable Fishing

The move is designed to promote legal, reported and regulated fishing. Crew members on medium and large vessels will integrate existing monitoring systems and catch data with Inmarsat's Fleet One and IsatData Pro technology, a global two-way messaging service for tracking and monitoring ports and vessels. USAID Oceans will pilot the technology in Bitung, Indonesia, and Songkhla, Thailand, where the system has been tested.

In Indonesia, Inmarsat will equip fishing vessels from participating companies with onboard satellite systems for real-time electronic voice and data exchange while at sea, consistent with Indonesia’s Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries reporting requirements. The technology will help fishing fleets to locate fish faster, improve voyage planning and reduce operational costs, says Inmarsat. Better ship-to-shore communication will enable captains to instantly track weather forecasts, thereby ensuring safer sailing and quality of life at sea.

In Thailand, Inmarsat, in partnership with seafood producer, Thai Union, is providing a satellite communications to help crews maintain at-sea connectivity for quicker and easier digital catch reporting, communication and fleet management.

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