How Consumer Brands Can Surf 'The Black Wave'

For consumer brands in the age of social media and digital communications, it's a question of sink or swim.

How Consumer Brands Can Surf 'The Black Wave'

Ad executive, author and business strategist Daniel Brian Cobb calls it "the black wave" - a world in which old advertising methods are no longer effective means for communicating with consumers. Instead, he says, brands must embrace digital marketing. He joins us on this episode to explain the term, and tells why it's essential to the survival of brands. He discusses how advertisers can cope with consumers' increasingly short attention spans, how they can become compelling “story makers,” and how they can transform themselves into “purpose-driven” brands. That can be a risky move, if consumers detect inauthenticity in the message. But when done properly, it can elevate a brand above the noise that permeates all media today. The key, Cobb says, lies in building customer-relationship networks, which can reach millions of people with individualized messaging. 

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Cobb’s book, Surfing the Black Wave: Brand Leadership in a Digital Age.

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