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Digital Sourcing: What, Where and How?

Digital technology has come to the supply chain, and the procurement function must take note.

Despite advances in information technology for the supply chain, many companies continue to operate their procurement departments in a manual fashion, with legacy systems and the redundant entry of data. Time to wake up: sourcing must go digital. Itís an essential step toward crafting modern-day supplier relations, making possible the real-time sharing of data across all parties, both internal and external to the organization. Most procurement executives know they need to go digital, but fewer than 15 percent are currently executing on a digital plan. On this episode, we speak with Gary Barraco, director of global product marketing with Amber Road. He explains the importance of forging a digital supply chain, while offering a perspective on the barriers that are slowing progress toward that goal. He stresses that procurement is only one piece of the puzzle, which consists of all of the elements of a global supply chain working in harmony. Itís a complex and potentially expensive challenge, but laggards need to get with the program. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of SupplyChainBrain.

This episode is sponsored by Amber Road.

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