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Apparel Industry Faces Some of Biggest Challenges Meeting Omnichannel Demands
Shoppers are demanding a seamless experience across all brand channels, both on- and offline, but retailers – particularly in apparel - are struggling to move at the speed... »

3D Printing, Smartphones Upend Retail, E-commerce 3D Printing, Smartphones Upend Retail, E-commerce
The assembly line at Feetz has 100 humming 3-D printers. Their sole purpose is to make shoes.

In Today's Online World, Fashions Often Are Outdated Upon Arrival at Stores
New York City has just begun its sacred rites of retail. For its fashion week, which started Sept. 7th, tents go up, guests emerge from black cars, models sulk down catwalks... »

Groupe Dynamite: A Global Player in the World of 'Fast Fashion'
As a seller of apparel around the world, Groupe Dynamite must adapt to multiple seasons, cultural traditions and consumer taste. Isabelle Rousseau, director of allocation,... »

Red Wing Shoe Company: Big Strides Towards the Future
More than a century old, Red Wing Shoe Co. is adapting to the age of the internet, looking to achieve a new level of customer responsiveness and forecast accuracy. Mallery... »

Reshoring: Reality or Hype? Reshoring: Reality or Hype?
Are companies really shifting their manufacturing operations out of China and back to the West? The answer isn't a simple one, says Akhil Oltikar, vice president of supply... »

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Fast and Free: Can Smaller Online Retailers Meet Consumers' Delivery Demands? can meet e-commerce shoppers' demand for both fast and free delivery. But what about its smaller rivals?

In E-Commerce, Who Pays for 'Free' Shipping?
In the world of e-commerce, "free" shipping isn't really free. The question is, who pays for it?

The Brick Wall That Frustrates Omnichannel Fulfillment
Keeping online buyers happy is easy. All you have to do is flood the channel with so much inventory that you're never out of stock. And probably go out of business in the... »

Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 2 Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 2
Struggling to determine whether there's forced labor lurking in your supply chain? There are some new tools available to help you do it.

Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 1 Eradicating Slavery From Supply Chains, Part 1
Forced labor continues to be a serious issue in global supply chains today - and it's extremely tough to root out.

How Technology Is Changing the Retail Experience How Technology Is Changing the Retail Experience
Online shoppers are ready for a new wave of innovation in the e-commerce experience - and retailers had better be ready, too.

Digital Technology Pumps Up Sales of Luxury Brands
It may not be widely recognized as such just yet, but digital technology is probably one of the best things to happen to luxury brands in a long time.

Apparel E-Tailer Lets You Try on Clothes Before Paying for Them
When you're in a changing room, if you're lucky there's a clerk nearby who'll grab another size for you if an item doesn't fit - while you stand waiting in your underwear, of... »

Back-to-School Sales a Bit Tardy This Year
Although back-to-school shopping started earlier this year, families are slowly tackling their supplies lists. According to the National Retail Federation's annual survey... »

White Papers
Going to the Source: Supplier Relationship Micro Management
Across the world, sourcing, supply chain, and global trade executives are under intense pressure to streamline their processes in order to stay ahead of the competition and... »

Three Imperatives for Global eCommerce
If you’re not already engaged in international eCommerce, now is the time to begin planning your strategy. Internet use is increasing across established and emerging markets... »

Don't Let the Cost of Doing Nothing Fool You
Obsolete warehouse hardware and software cannot keep up with increasingly complex fulfillment requirements, especially for multi-channel retailers. Before these systems fail,... »

Supplier Case Studies
GENCO Optimizes Large Retailer's Returns Process
Challenge: A large retailer needed an efficient and cost-effective way to handle products returning from stores into the reverse-logistics channel. The company was searching... »

Leveraging FTZ 49 to Promote Import/Export Growth
Challenge: Today's 3PLs need every advantage to make them consistently more attractive to diverse client types year round.

Asian Manufacturer Cuts Costs, Increases Transaction Efficiency Through Cloud-Based Platform
Challenge: An Asia-based manufacturer of sports shoes struggled with manual handling of buyers' PO requests, invoicing, and packing lists. Vast amounts of data were stored on... »

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