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Apparel Industry Faces Some of Biggest Challenges Meeting Omnichannel Demands
Shoppers are demanding a seamless experience across all brand channels, both on- and offline, but retailers – particularly in apparel - are struggling to move at the speed... »

3D Printing, Smartphones Upend Retail, E-commerce 3D Printing, Smartphones Upend Retail, E-commerce
The assembly line at Feetz has 100 humming 3-D printers. Their sole purpose is to make shoes.

Challenges Facing Online Jewelers Are Many Faceted Challenges Facing Online Jewelers Are Many Faceted
Due to changing lifestyles and disposable incomes, the global jewelry market continues to rise, with much of that growth being driven by the move to e-commerce. The world's... »

The Latest in Delivery Tracking Software
Home delivery is the only touch point with the customer in e-commerce sales, says Sebastian Ojeda, CEO of Beetrack, so delivery-tracking software is very important. [Run Time... »

Challenges of Cross-Border E-commerce in Ukraine & Eastern Europe
Ukrainians are eager to conduct e-commerce with Western retailers, but many of those companies don't ship directly to East European nations, says Katya Bezyuk, global... »

Customer Expectations in Last-Mile Delivery
When we meet high customer expectations, we drive them higher, says Lior Sion, CTO and co-founder of Bringg. A retailer's back-end operations have to be sophisticated and... »

Editors' Blog
How Amazon's Prime Day Creates New Challenges for Traditional Retailers
First there was Black Friday. Then Cyber Monday. And now, Amazon.com's Prime Day. Why do retailers invite peak-demand headaches?

Fast and Free: Can Smaller Online Retailers Meet Consumers' Delivery Demands?
Amazon.com can meet e-commerce shoppers' demand for both fast and free delivery. But what about its smaller rivals?

In E-Commerce, Who Pays for 'Free' Shipping?
In the world of e-commerce, "free" shipping isn't really free. The question is, who pays for it?

North American CEOs Pleased With Recent Growth, Project Even More, Study Finds
All CEOs of 14 North American 3PLs say their companies were profitable in 2015 and believe the regional 3PL industry had also been profitable for the year. Moreover, each... »

Expect to See Increased B2B Online Sales of Electronics
Electronics OEMs are leading the charge in e-commerce with electronic goods expected to be one of the fastest-growing sectors. Even as they buy products online for home,... »

Digital Technology Pumps Up Sales of Luxury Brands
It may not be widely recognized as such just yet, but digital technology is probably one of the best things to happen to luxury brands in a long time.

White Papers
Getting Live on ERP in Less than 100 Days - The New Reality
Learn how Lindemann Chimney and Wittek Golf took the SuiteSuccess approach to ERP implementation and got their distribution businesses up and running in less than 100 days.... »

Going to the Source: Supplier Relationship Micro Management
Across the world, sourcing, supply chain, and global trade executives are under intense pressure to streamline their processes in order to stay ahead of the competition and... »

Three Imperatives for Global eCommerce
If you’re not already engaged in international eCommerce, now is the time to begin planning your strategy. Internet use is increasing across established and emerging markets... »

Best Practices for E-Commerce Shipments to Canada Best Practices for E-Commerce Shipments to Canada
The boom in e-commerce is a global phenomenon, but each country has its own unique requirements for ensuring the smooth flow of shipments to the buyer.

When Will We See Self-Driving Trucks? When Will We See Self-Driving Trucks?
The age of the driverless commercial truck is coming. It's just a question of when.

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