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Wal-Mart Says Its Online Sales Will Explode Next Year Amid War With Amazon
Wal-Mart expects little abatement in the pace of its torrid e-commerce growth next year, and the retailer's latest forecast sent shares up 2 percent on Tuesday.... »

Too Many Happy Returns: The Struggle to Predict Reverse Logistics
The mostly unwanted gifts are piled in the corner, the relatives have slowly made their way to the airport and a mountain of dishes awaits attention in the kitchen. This is... »

Fighting Seasonality and Amazon, This Brand Built $100M Business on Fake Christmas Trees Fighting Seasonality and Amazon, This Brand Built $100M Business on Fake Christmas Trees
Shortly after graduating from Stanford Business School, Thomas "Mac" Harman noticed his in-laws' fake Christmas tree didn't look much like the real thing.... »

In-Store Replenishment & Other Fulfillment Concerns
If you can't beat Amazon on pricing, then you have to rely on the one thing you have that the e-commerce behemoth doesn't have and can't control: your network of stores. [Run... »

Supply Chain Strategies & Challenges at True Value
Every retailer has to cope with omnichannel environments and seasonality, but for companies in the retail hardware space, e-commerce and seasonal business peaks carry their... »

Growth of the Secondary Sales Market
The post-retail sales market, comprising outlets and value stores, continues to grow. Primary retailers are looking to cash in on this multibillion-dollar market. [Run Time... »

Editors' Blog
Why APICS Partnered With a Private E-Tailer for Omnichannel Benchmarking
An unusual partnership between a major industry trade group and private retailer seeks to create a system for benchmarking supply-chain performance by e-commerce companies.... »

Debating the Timetable for Supply-Chain Futureshock
The future is coming. But experts can't seem to agree on when it's going to show up.... »

Can Robots Solve Omnichannel Distributors' Identity Crisis?
Robots might be the solution to one of the biggest challenges facing distribution centers in the omnichannel era.... »

Freight and Warehousing Firms Add Jobs in September, Bucking Downturn
The freight transport and warehousing sector defied the national downturn in hiring last month, adding 12,400 jobs as warehouse operators and package-delivery companies... »

Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS Inc. is experimenting with a new delivery service intended to make more products available for free two-day delivery and relieve overcrowding in its warehouses,... »

Costco's Newest Move to Beat Amazon and Whole Foods? Delivery
Roughly a month after Amazon snapped up Whole Foods and slashed its prices, discount superstore giant Costco is rolling out same-day and two-day delivery options for its... »

  White Papers
Moving Beyond Compliance to Create an Efficient Supplier Network
Ever wonder how larger retailers like Walmart or Costco became so profitable? The secret lies within their supplier network and the efficiencies they are able to generate... »

Gaining a Competitive Edge: How to Increase Productivity & Savings with Asset Management Automation
Advances in technology have made each link in the supply chain more efficient, productive and responsive to customer needs than ever before. The impact has been especially... »

D.C. Automation Trends: Increasing Productivity with Self-Serve Locker Solutions
The very concept of a distribution center is in flux. No aspect of D.C. operations escapes scrutiny today including the way in which tools and devices are managed and... »

How Consumer Brands Can Surf 'The Black Wave' How Consumer Brands Can Surf 'The Black Wave'
For consumer brands in the age of social media and digital communications, it's a question of sink or swim.... »

The Future of Retail: 2017 Edition The Future of Retail: 2017 Edition
What will the retail landscape look like in the very near future? And which players will be left standing?... »

Customer Loyalty Programs: What Works, and What Doesn't Customer Loyalty Programs: What Works, and What Doesn't
Do modern-day retail customer-loyalty programs really make for loyal customers?... »

Supplier Case Studies
Omni-Channel Solution That Delivers Significant Margin Improvement
Challenge: To bring a true omni-channel operation, with the ability to fulfil e-commerce, retail, wholesale and outlet store orders, into a single facility delivering a... »

Large Retailer Supports Growth and Reduces Costs With New Distribution Center Design
Challenge: After making numerous acquisitions, a large omni-channel retailer and was operating out of three different facilities. The company wanted to reduce costs without... »

Leveraging Enterprise Improvement to Mow Down the Competition
Challenge: North America's leading manufacturer and distributor of outdoor power equipment replacement parts experienced rapid growth that brought with it myriad challenges:... »

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