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Infrastructure Issue Bridges Gap Between Forwarders, Integrators
A decade-old major highway bridge collapse in Minneapolis still serves as a deadly reminder of the price our nation pays for lack of transportation infrastructure investment.... »

Here Are the Top 5 Perishables With the Fastest-Growing Demand for Air Cargo
During the current period of robust demand for air cargo services, some of the hottest commodities sold have come in the form of perishable goods. The exotic nature of some... »

RFID Tracks Safety Equipment for Fiji Airways
Fiji Airways reports that it has made in-cabin inspections of emergency equipment faster and more efficient across its fleet of 15 airplanes, with the use of radio frequency... »

Industry Insights From NLDC Founder
When Jim Bowes established the National Logistics & Distribution Conference 10 years ago his aim was to provide a small, collegial, non-sales oriented conference for... »

Cutting-Edge Ideas for Optimizing the Supply Chain
Wayne Zorn, vice president of customer solutions with Solvoyo, lays out the tradeoffs that sellers must make between satisfying customer demands and calculating cost to... »

Four Transportation Trends That Are Transforming Retail
Matt Menner, senior vice president of strategic account management with Transplace, examines four macro trends affecting transportation: capacity, human capital,... »

Editors' Blog
Inventories Shrink in Latest Logistics Report: Is That Good or Bad?
The annual State of Logistics Report has a new author this year - and with it, a marked shift in some key trends.... »

The Air Waybill Is Going Paperless - Slowly
The electronic air waybill (eAWB) has arrived. But certain air freight forwarders and carriers are still holding on to the paper version for dear life.... »

Freight Regulation and Profitability: Can We Strike a Balance?
Want to get a sense of how new federal regulations will affect transportation tomorrow? Look at California today.... »

How Radically New Materials Will Impact Transportation How Radically New Materials Will Impact Transportation
Up in the sky - it's a solar-powered plane! But what does it mean for the sustainability of the commercial transportation sector?... »

Should We Privatize the Nation's Air Traffic Control System? Should We Privatize the Nation's Air Traffic Control System?
Supporters of a longtime proposal to privatize the U.S. Air Traffic Control system have failed again. But the issue is far from dead.... »

Customs Automation Is Finally Happening. Really! Customs Automation Is Finally Happening. Really!
After years of delay, the automation of importer filings, involving multiple government agencies, is upon us. Say hello to the "Single Window."... »

Worldwide Air Cargo Volumes Soared Through August
By all metrics, air cargo enjoyed another great month in August with a 12.9 percent year-over-year increase in volumes for the month alongside even higher direct tonne... »

Mercedes Benz, Drone-Maker Matternet Aim to Tackle Last-Mile Delivery
A recent live demonstration of an e-commerce delivery by a drone reinforced the potential of drones to streamline last-mile deliveries - the final frontier of e-commerce... »

Growth Drivers in Place for Strong Finish This Year, Air Cargo Group Says
Despite some typically cautious warnings that the current growth cycle may be nearing a peak, industry-wide freight tonne kilometer (FTK) growth is at its strongest pace... »

White Papers
5 Worst Practices for Managing Global Freight
As supply chain professionals, we live in a world of unprecedented connectivity where partners collaborate seamlessly, in real time, to make faster, better decisions on... »

Improved Data Accuracy and Shortened Delivery Times at LP Group
With a new system in place, LP Group has not only continued to improve data accuracy and reduce data redundancy, it has shortened delivery times and the time frames for... »

Big Data in the Supply Chain
Prior to investing resources into "big data" systems, software and people, firms must understand that data aggregation alone is insufficient. Without a... »

Supplier Case Studies
ICAT Logistics - Urgent Supply & Demand
Challenge: Most hospitals utilize the just-in-time method of inventory control. If hospitals have higher than expected demand, additional supply must reach them immediately.... »

Tracking Cot Movement in the Emergency Department with RFID
With visibility to critical data from its ED entrance (when EMS crews enter, when they leave, and how long they stay), our client can now anticipate busier times and adjust... »

RFID Tagging to Improve Inventory Management, Billing Accuracy, and Cut Costs
An automatic inventory tracking solution, from stockrooms to operating rooms to waste areas, has improved inventory management by preventing stock-outs, supply hoarding, and... »

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