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Warehouse Conversions Aren't Just for Cities Anymore - Or Just for Warehouses
The notion that old commercial buildings could enjoy a second life as places to live and work was popularized by artists in Manhattan's SoHo neighborhood in the 1960s, when... »

End of the Road: Will Automation Put an End to the American Trucker? End of the Road: Will Automation Put an End to the American Trucker?
Jeff Baxter's sunflower-yellow Kenworth truck shines as bright and almost as big as the sun. Four men clean the glistening cab in the hangar-like truck wash at Iowa 80, the... »

Infrastructure Issue Bridges Gap Between Forwarders, Integrators
A decade-old major highway bridge collapse in Minneapolis still serves as a deadly reminder of the price our nation pays for lack of transportation infrastructure investment.... »

In-Store Replenishment & Other Fulfillment Concerns
If you can't beat Amazon on pricing, then you have to rely on the one thing you have that the e-commerce behemoth doesn't have and can't control: your network of stores. [Run... »

The Importance of an LMS in Your Enterprise
A labor management system reports on warehouse worker productivity either after the fact or in real time. Investing in LMS software is no minor undertaking, but the ROI comes... »

The Changing World of Logistics Outsourcing The Changing World of Logistics Outsourcing
The world of logistics outsourcing has changed dramatically over the last five years. John Burke, chief executive officer of Armada, traces its evolution, and discusses the... »

Editors' Blog
Why It's Important to Become Your Carrier's 'Preferred Shipper'
If you thought the act of purchasing transportation was as simple as paying a carrier to haul your freight - well, think again.... »

How REI's Green Obsession Sparked D.C. Innovations
Companies seek to burnish their brands in a variety of creative ways. In the case of Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), that desire extends deep into the supply chain.... »

Erasing the Line Between E-Commerce and Retail Store Fulfillment
Separate fulfillment streams for e-commerce and retail stores? Those days are over.... »

Enabling Cost Effective Wireless Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for the Supply Chain Enabling Cost Effective Wireless Asset Tracking and Monitoring Solutions for the Supply Chain
ON-DEMAND WEBINAR New technologies are enabling asset tracking and monitoring capabilities through the supply chain lifecycle. But what exactly are these new technologies,... »

Shortage of Drivers May Weigh on Earnings of Trucking Companies
Trucking companies are convincing shippers to pay more to move freight, but difficulty finding drivers could weigh on earnings.... »

Freight and Warehousing Firms Add Jobs in September, Bucking Downturn
The freight transport and warehousing sector defied the national downturn in hiring last month, adding 12,400 jobs as warehouse operators and package-delivery companies... »

Trucking Problems Are Still Slowing Aid Delivery in Puerto Rico
The relief and recovery effort in Puerto Rico continues to pose unique difficulties for aid organizations and businesses alike: the destruction of the island's electrical... »

White Papers
Transportation Management Benchmark Survey
What are the market conditions and key elements that make for transportation management success? The objective of this Descartes benchmark study was not only to identify the... »

Enterprise Labeling for Dummies
This book is the definitive source on Enterprise Labeling for Dummies! It offers an easy-to-understand explanation of Enterprise Labeling and how it can help a company... »

Peak Volumes: Can Your Systems Handle The Pressure?
Load-testing technology offers today's overworked logistics executive a powerful weapon in the fight against risk of supply chain disaster. As broader globalization,... »

What to Expect From Nafta 2.0 What to Expect From Nafta 2.0
Can the North American Free Trade Agreement be saved?... »

At Long Last, A.I. Comes to the Logistics Industry At Long Last, A.I. Comes to the Logistics Industry
It was only a matter of time before artificial intelligence was applied to the field of logistics.... »

Amazon's Threat to Traditional Transportation Providers Amazon's Threat to Traditional Transportation Providers
For transportation providers in the e-commerce era, the choice is clear: disrupt, or be disrupted.... »

Supplier Case Studies
How Supply Chain Visibility Can Yield Results
Challenge: A company looked to identify major cost components associated with a supplier's product pricing. Partnering with its integrated supply chain solutions provider on... »

For Supply Chain Security, Retailer Looks to Freight Payment
Challenge: As with all companies, fraud and information security were top of mind for this major national retailer. To protect its strategic and competitive advantages and... »

Orchestrating a Massive Move - Heavy Haul Ocean Transport
Challenge: The Liebherr LR11350 is one of the most powerful cranes in existence. To ship this 1,488 ton load from the factory door in Germany, through the Port of Hamburg and... »

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