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While New Tech Reshapes Supply Chains, Facility Planning, Location to Remain Important

Rapidly emerging advancements in technology such as autonomous trucks, 3D printing and warehouse automation will foster dramatic changes in how shippers, retailers and manufacturers configure their supply chains and distribution strategies, spurring a need for different formats and locations for... »

In Wake of Hospira Acquisition, Pfizer Consolidating DCs

In Wake of Hospira Acquisition, Pfizer Consolidating DCs

Pfizer has decided that it does not need the legacy distribution sites that it got with the $15bn buyout of Hospira last year and so will close four facilities across the U.S., consolidating distribution into two Pfizer logistics centers next year. In the process it will whack 104 jobs. »

Don't Let the Cost of Doing Nothing Fool You

Donít Let the Cost of Doing Nothing Fool You

Obsolete warehouse hardware and software cannot keep up with increasingly complex fulfillment requirements, especially for multi-channel retailers. Before these systems fail, businesses should evaluate the cost of doing nothing, along with options for updating distribution center design that... »

Retail Copes With Changes Taking Place in Every Aspect of the Industry

Retail Copes With Changes Taking Place in Every Aspect of the Industry

Leaders have to be nimble and agile if they are to keep on top of the evolution, particularly in the technology arena, that is roiling their vertical. »

Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley Locus for E-Commerce Hubs Because of Proximity to NYC

The rise of online shopping is forcing warehouse builders to redraw the map of logistics hubs on the East Coast. »

Corporate America Does About-Face, Moves Back Downtown

For decades, many of the nation's biggest companies staked their futures far from the fraying downtowns of aging East Coast and Midwestern cities. One after another, they decamped for sprawling campuses in the suburbs and exurbs. Now, corporate America is moving in the other direction. »

Total Acquisition Cost Tool May Show Savings from In-shoring Overstated

Original equipment manufacturer sourcing decisions are typically based on total acquisition cost (TAC) formula comparisons. Because of this, such tools play a primary role in decisions about whether to purchase from domestic or overseas sources. TAC formulas attempt to take into account all cost... »

FastFetch North America Changes Name to NextGen DC Systems

FastFetch North America has changed its name to NextGen DC Systems LLC. »

E-Commerce Continues to Drive Changes in Warehousing, Logistics, Institute Reports

As larger U.S. retailers continue to close underperforming stores with more customers choosing to shop online from their own homes, big-box store vacancies have increased in recent years. But with online sales only increasing and more small shop spaces mimicking the online sales environment, the... »

E-Commerce Spurs Warehouse Development, Rent Increases Across U.S.

E-Commerce Spurs Warehouse Development, Rent Increases Across U.S.

Over the past year, prime warehouse rents are up 9.9 percent across the U.S. and up by double-digit amounts in some large urban areas, according to a recent report. E-commerce and Amazon are in no small way responsible for the development. »

E-Commerce 'Arms Race' Drives Rise in Global Prime Logistics Rents

Voracious global demand for e-commerce fulfillment centers and distribution centers fueled a 2.8 percent year-over-year increase in prime logistics rents globally, led by double-digit percentage gains in U.S. coastal markets, according to CBRE Group Inc.'s inaugural Global Prime Logistics Rents... »

Developments & Trends in Home Delivery

The last mile is the last word, says Chris Jones, EVP, Marketing & Services at Descartes. Focus more on the delivery experience than on the delivery service. [Run Time (Min.): 8:07] »

Meeting Same-Day Delivery Expectations

Both merchants and shoppers demand same-day delivery, say Antonio Perini, CEO, Milkman, and Ricardo Bocci, product manager, WorkWave Route Manager. But to be profitable, the right delivery options must be found. [Run Time (Min.): 10:00] »

Five Ways to Optimize Your DC for E-Commerce Fulfillment

Five Ways to Optimize Your DC for E-Commerce Fulfillment

The rise of e-commerce and multi-channel fulfillment has caused distribution centers (DCs) to experience ever-growing numbers of stock-keeping units (SKUs) and more inventory turns, up to an average of nine in 2015. Learn more about the five key tactics we recommend to optimize your DC for... »

Rents Continue to Rise as Availability of Industrial Space Keeps Declining

Availability of industrial space in the U.S. declined in the first quarter of 2016 to the lowest level since 2001 and rents remain on an upward trajectory, though new construction is poised to limit both trends over the next two years, according to CBRE Group, Inc. »

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