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Infrastructure Issue Bridges Gap Between Forwarders, Integrators
A decade-old major highway bridge collapse in Minneapolis still serves as a deadly reminder of the price our nation pays for lack of transportation infrastructure investment.... »

A Mobile Floating Truck Stop on the St. Lawrence Seaway
Ro-ro ships carry trucks and other road vehicles across the Baltic Sea and also across Cook Strait, providing onboard overnight accommodations as well as food services. There... »

Container Ships Need Better Fire-Fighting Systems, Insurance Group Says
The International Union of Marine Insurance has called for better fire-fighting systems on board container ships, citing its concern that current provisions are insufficient... »

Effects of the Latest 'Perfect Storm' on Logistics & Manufacturing Effects of the Latest 'Perfect Storm' on Logistics & Manufacturing
The U.S. West Coast labor slowdown has manufacturers and retailers thinking about permanently moving their import operations to another coast, says Rob Lewin, director of... »

PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs
Export of tropical plants, refurbished yachts and medical instruments destined for Latin America are just some of the new developments at PortMiami's foreign trade zone, says... »

An International Planning Case Study: Huhtamaki
Huhtamaki, Inc., a producer of consumer-goods and food-service packaging, was looking to expand its international activities. Scott Stuckenschneider, vice president of North... »

Editors' Blog
Why It's Important to Become Your Carrier's 'Preferred Shipper'
If you thought the act of purchasing transportation was as simple as paying a carrier to haul your freight - well, think again.... »

How Shippers Can Protect Themselves Against Another Carrier Bankruptcy
Should shippers and ocean carriers have seen the bankruptcy of Hanjin Shipping Co. Ltd. coming?... »

Are Ocean Carriers and Shippers Focused on Service - Or Just Lip Service?
It's been the same drill for years: Ocean carriers and shippers talking service, then fixating on price. Is this disconnect finally about to be disrupted?... »

Making Room for the Megaships in New York and New Jersey Making Room for the Megaships in New York and New Jersey
It takes more than deep water to accommodate a modern-day containership. Sometimes you have to raise a bridge as well.... »

How East Coast Ports Are Getting 'Big-Ship Ready' How East Coast Ports Are Getting 'Big-Ship Ready'
It takes a big port to handle a big ship. Can East Coast ports meet the challenge of handling the new generation of mega-container vessels?... »

Making Sense of Chaos: Logistics Embraces A.I. Making Sense of Chaos: Logistics Embraces A.I.
There's just too much data out there for a human to make sense of. Can artificial intelligence save the day?... »

Google and Rolls-Royce Are Partnering on Autonomous Ships
Rolls-Royce has signed a deal with Google to develop Rolls-Royce's intelligent awareness software, which is already in use on ships today and will play a central role in the... »

Terminal Operators Seek Changes to Los Angeles Clean Air Plan
The Pacific Merchant Shipping Association (PMSA), a non-profit group that represents West Coast terminal operators and shipowners, has called for changes to the Clean Air... »

Global Port Throughput Maintains Upward Trend
Shanghai International Shipping Institute recently published its Global Port Development Report for the second quarter of 2017, saying that cargo throughputs at major ports... »

White Papers
Port of NANSHA Emerges as the Jewel of the West Pearl River Delta
The ever-increasing complexity and time-sensitivity of current international supply chain operations means that shippers should be increasing their options, and that means in... »

5 Worst Practices for Managing Global Freight
As supply chain professionals, we live in a world of unprecedented connectivity where partners collaborate seamlessly, in real time, to make faster, better decisions on... »

Supply Chain Disruptions and Risk Still Looming: How to Create a More Resilient Supply Chain
Manufacturers today must make sourcing decisions in an environment where they don't know all of the factors. Globalized sourcing operations increase the likelihood of risk or... »

Supplier Case Studies
Intermodal Rail Investment Prepares Port for Higher Cargo Volumes
Challenge: Next generation ships carry more cargo than ever before. How can a port increase throughput in an environmentally sustainable manner while ensuring speed to market... »

Orchestrating a Massive Move - Heavy Haul Ocean Transport
Challenge: The Liebherr LR11350 is one of the most powerful cranes in existence. To ship this 1,488 ton load from the factory door in Germany, through the Port of Hamburg and... »

Beverage Producer Improves Carrier Performance and Customer Satisfaction
Challenge: This leading producer of spirits and wine lacked visibility of its ocean shipments and carrier performance levels. The company relied on each partner's individual... »

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