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As Ocean Carriers Undergo Historic Consolidation, Shippers Could See Rates Increase
The container shipping industry is undergoing a historic wave of consolidation as carriers seek to tighten supply to offset the historical drop in pricing.

Machine-to-Machine/IoT Telemetry Brings Heightened Visibility to Cargo Movement
Currently, containers, ships and other intermodal transport assets such as chassis and gensets are mainly what we call "dark, dumb and disconnected." What this means is that... »

Controlling Carrier Spend: Blount Takes Chainsaw to Its Logistics Costs Controlling Carrier Spend: Blount Takes Chainsaw to Its Logistics Costs
Blount International, a maker of farm, forestry and gardening equipment, needed to get a handle on its global logistics spend. A performance-management tool from Trax... »

Effects of the Latest 'Perfect Storm' on Logistics & Manufacturing Effects of the Latest 'Perfect Storm' on Logistics & Manufacturing
The U.S. West Coast labor slowdown has manufacturers and retailers thinking about permanently moving their import operations to another coast, says Rob Lewin, director of... »

PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs PortMiami's Model for Dynamic FTZs
Export of tropical plants, refurbished yachts and medical instruments destined for Latin America are just some of the new developments at PortMiami's foreign trade zone, says... »

An International Planning Case Study: Huhtamaki
Huhtamaki, Inc., a producer of consumer-goods and food-service packaging, was looking to expand its international activities. Scott Stuckenschneider, vice president of North... »

Editors' Blog
The Painful Lessons of the Hanjin Bankruptcy
Having weathered numerous downturns in the past, major container lines might have thought they were immune from the laws of supply and demand. Now they know better.

Inventories Shrink in Latest Logistics Report: Is That Good or Bad?
The annual State of Logistics Report has a new author this year - and with it, a marked shift in some key trends.

Around New Container-Weighing Rule, Confusion Reigns
Still confused about what shippers must do to comply with that new regulation on the weighing of loaded containers at ports? You've got plenty of company.

The New Panama Canal: Who Wins; Who Loses? The New Panama Canal: Who Wins; Who Loses?
The new set of locks at the Panama Canal is open for business. How will it affect North American shipping patterns?

Blood on the Water: The Dismal Outlook for Ocean Carriers Blood on the Water: The Dismal Outlook for Ocean Carriers
Too many ships, too much rate discounting, and too many service providers for the market to support: the outlook for ocean carriers is "pretty bleak indeed."

Customs Automation Is Finally Happening. Really! Customs Automation Is Finally Happening. Really!
After years of delay, the automation of importer filings, involving multiple government agencies, is upon us. Say hello to the "Single Window."

Actively Operating Shipyards Decline Greatly Around the World
The Korea Offshore and Shipbuilding Association has released numbers confirming the expectations of many analysts: the number of actively operating shipyards around the world... »

Retail Group Wants U.S. Government to Help Solve Problems in Wake of Hanjin Bankruptcy
The recent bankruptcy of South Korean ocean carrier Hanjin Shipping is causing "widespread disruptions" to supply chains across the country, according to the National Retail... »

Judge Orders Hanjin to Sell Ships, Return Chartered Vessels Judge Orders Hanjin to Sell Ships, Return Chartered Vessels
Hanjin Shipping has to return chartered-in ships to owners and to sell as much of its own fleet as it can, a South Korean bankruptcy judge said Monday.

White Papers
Supply Chain Disruptions and Risk Still Looming: How to Create a More Resilient Supply Chain
Manufacturers today must make sourcing decisions in an environment where they donít know all of the factors. Globalized sourcing operations increase the likelihood of risk or... »

Running Your Supply Chain with Greater Efficiency
Your company's supply chain scenario might be piled high with products, suppliers, and trading partners that reduce the effectiveness of its strategy. Today, to source from... »

What Arrives in L.A. stays in L.A.: DC Bypass Strategies that Leverage the Largest U.S. Gateway
As a majority of retail products are sourced in Asia and arrive at West Coast ports, mid-tier retailers who rely exclusively on centralized distribution centers may be... »

Supplier Case Studies
Beverage Producer Improves Carrier Performance and Customer Satisfaction
Challenge: This leading producer of spirits and wine lacked visibility of its ocean shipments and carrier performance levels. The company relied on each partner's individual... »

Moving Heavy Machinery in the Cloud
Challenge: With a supply chain spanning the farthest reaches of the globe, it wasn't uncommon for this heavy equipment manufacturer to lose sight of its shipments, resulting... »

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