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Freight and Warehousing Firms Add Jobs in September, Bucking Downturn

The freight transport and warehousing sector defied the national downturn in hiring last month, adding 12,400 jobs as warehouse operators and package-delivery companies boosted payrolls at a rapid pace. »

Enterprise Labeling for Dummies

Enterprise Labeling for Dummies

This book is the definitive source on Enterprise Labeling for Dummies! It offers an easy-to-understand explanation of Enterprise Labeling and how it can help a company streamline their supply chain processes through better labeling. HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE:    Learn how to automate and... »

Trucking Problems Are Still Slowing Aid Delivery in Puerto Rico

The relief and recovery effort in Puerto Rico continues to pose unique difficulties for aid organizations and businesses alike: the destruction of the island's electrical grid and communications infrastructure has made routine tasks much more difficult, adding friction to every point of the... »

Too Many Happy Returns: The Struggle to Predict Reverse Logistics

The mostly unwanted gifts are piled in the corner, the relatives have slowly made their way to the airport and a mountain of dishes awaits attention in the kitchen. This is what late December looks like for most American consumers. But for logisticians, the holiday work is only half done - it's... »

Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS

Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS Inc. is experimenting with a new delivery service intended to make more products available for free two-day delivery and relieve overcrowding in its warehouses, according to two people familiar with the plan, which will push the online retailer deeper into functions handled by longtime... »

Worldwide Air Cargo Volumes Soared Through August

By all metrics, air cargo enjoyed another great month in August with a 12.9 percent year-over-year increase in volumes for the month alongside even higher direct tonne kilometer (DTK) growth of 14.6 percent, with WorldACD noting the average distance between origin and destination points for... »

Costco's Newest Move to Beat Amazon and Whole Foods? Delivery

Roughly a month after Amazon snapped up Whole Foods and slashed its prices, discount superstore giant Costco is rolling out same-day and two-day delivery options for its members. »

Peak Volumes: Can Your Systems Handle The Pressure?

Peak Volumes: Can Your Systems Handle The Pressure?

Load-testing technology offers today's overworked logistics executive a powerful weapon in the fight against risk of supply chain disaster. As broader globalization, increased complexity, and shorter fulfillment times continue to increase pressure on supply chain operations, the range of possible... »

Big-Rig Orders Post Another Monthly Increase on Improving Freight Market

Trucking companies accelerated big-rig orders for the fourth consecutive month, bolstered by strong manufacturing activity and an improving freight market. »

Why It's Important to Become Your Carrier's 'Preferred Shipper'

Why It's Important to Become Your Carrier's 'Preferred Shipper'

If you thought the act of purchasing transportation was as simple as paying a carrier to haul your freight - well, think again. »

Here Are the Top 5 Perishables With the Fastest-Growing Demand for Air Cargo

During the current period of robust demand for air cargo services, some of the hottest commodities sold have come in the form of perishable goods. The exotic nature of some foods, plus a critically short shelf life, has made them the darlings of the airfreight world. »

Senate Democrats Push for $500Bn in Infrastructure Investment

Senate Democrats, emboldened by the GOP's failure to unilaterally pass a health-care bill, are launching an effort to win bipartisan support for the investment of $500bn in taxpayer dollars in infrastructure improvements. »

Wal-Mart, Trying to Hone Its Same-Day Delivery Skills, Buys New York's Parcel

Wal-Mart is sharpening its same-day delivery skills through the acquisition of a small New York City company. »

Mercedes Benz, Drone-Maker Matternet Aim to Tackle Last-Mile Delivery

A recent live demonstration of an e-commerce delivery by a drone reinforced the potential of drones to streamline last-mile deliveries - the final frontier of e-commerce logistics. At the late-September livestreaming of the delivery, the consortium behind the project announced a three-week trial of... »

A Mobile Floating Truck Stop on the St. Lawrence Seaway

Ro-ro ships carry trucks and other road vehicles across the Baltic Sea and also across Cook Strait, providing onboard overnight accommodations as well as food services. There may be scope to adapt that operational precedent to bypass roadway traffic congestion on the St. Lawrence Seaway. »

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