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DEADLINE for submissions: Friday, August 12, 2011.

Please take this opportunity to submit an entry for SupplyChainBrain's Supply Chain Consultants Guide.

Describe your consulting specialty within the supply chain.  Highlight your expertise in a particular industry vertical(s). Include a brief Case Study that illustrates how you have made a significant impact on your client's supply chain efficiency in recent years.

Your submission will be considered in the evaluation for this year's list of Supply Chain consulting companies, which will be published in the Sept/Oct issue of SupplyChainBrain magazine.  Entries will be evaluated and those published will be at the Publisher's discretion.

TO SUBMIT: Please copy, paste, and complete the following information (no omissions), and submit via email to Kelly Keller ( with subject line "SEPT/OCT CONSULTANTS GUIDE".

1. Company Name:

2. Company URL:

3. General Info email address:

4. Phone:

5. Please indicate 3-5 areas of Supply Chain in which you focus your consulting (i.e. Inventory Planning & Optimization, Forecasting & Demand Planning, Business Process Management, Network Design, etc.)*:

* If there are Industry Verticals in which you specialize, please indicate those as well.

6. Brief Company Description (50 words MAXIMUM):

7. Please provide a brief Case Study (150 words MAXIMUM) that best illustrates your company's success in the area of Supply Chain consulting.  For an example of a 150-word Case Study, please see below.

150-word Case Study Sample Text:

Our client was gearing up for an eleven-site WMS implementation of a leading SCE software vendor but needed help understanding how to tackle such a deployment. The client needed to know how long the project would take, how much the project would cost, they needed help leading the initiative, they needed help integrating the new WMS within their existing IT infrastructure, and they needed to understand the work effort required to successfully implement the WMS solution. So they partnered with us to assist with this strategic initiative and have so far successfully implemented at a few sites. Our company's resources have assisted with application Design, Development, Configuration, Testing, Training, Go-Live, and Post-Startup Support. With the new WMS and through our assistance, the client has reported improved productivity, improved service levels, improved quality, reduced mis-picks, 99.98% inventory accuracy, improved traceability, reduced labor costs, and reduced inventory carrying costs..

NOTE:  Please do not include your customer's company name. You may simply use the term "our client", as referenced above.

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