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Large Liquor Distributor Relies on KANE for Timely Store Deliveries

Challenge: For one of the largest purchasers of wines and spirits in the U.S., orders that arrive in late afternoon must be routed, cases picked per store order, and loaded that day for deliveries beginning at 6:00 a.m. the next morning. Daily order volumes can fluctuate from 18,000 cases per day to 32,000 cases per day, making labor management and transportation capacity management a challenge.

Solution: KANE manages one of three DCs in the network. Liquor store customers are highly dependent on timely deliveries for sales, so the KANE team’s policy on labor management is simple: ‘We leave when the last case ships.’ KANE also manages direct store delivery using KANE’s fleet and select owner-operators to ensure on-time delivery to an average of 55 stores a day.

Results: A recent KANE survey of its store customers indicated a high level of satisfaction linked to the accuracy and timeliness of deliveries.

About the Solution Provider: Kane Is Able, Inc. is a third-party logistics company that provides warehousing, packaging and asset-based transportation services for consumer goods companies and their retail customers. KANE operates 21 dedicated and multi-client distribution centers in the U.S. (7 million sq. ft.), with locations in every region of the country.



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