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Manufacturer Increases Visibility and Marketshare with Acsis ProducTrak

Challenge: This leading global manufacturer needed to connect over 125 incremental value-add partners to its SAP system to manage the supply chain effectively end-to-end.

Solution: Acsis ProducTrak Partner Management connected over 125 value-add partners to the customer's SAP system to enable end-to-end supply chain visibility with the use of a simple, menu-driven web-based interface.

Results: Acsis ProducTrak significantly improved accuracy and error rates, which increased customer satisfaction, and as a result, the company gained market share and increased gross cash flow by 28% the year the solution went live. Additional benefits include: Provide third-party partners with a simple task interface requiring no SAP training. Gain E2E visibility of inventories and progressive manufacturing process stages for all work in process.

Provide third-party contractors with visibility of incoming demand. Standardize labeling of products globally from a central source, using ERP data and producing labels directly at third-party sites over the Internet.

About the Solution Provider: Acsis Inc. develops innovative software for data capture, track & trace and enterprise serialization for warehouse and packaging applications. Acsis enables global companies to gain real-time visibility of data, and to share data with suppliers, partners and customers. Acsis leads the industry with end-to-end Enterprise SerializationTM solutions for regulatory compliance and brand protection.



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