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TMS Helps Large Food Manufacturer Realize Major Operational Benefits

Challenge: This manufacturing client of various food products including cereal, experienced rapid growth in its store-brand foods. A series of acquisitions of independent manufacturing operations meant inefficiencies in supply chain management, particularly in product delivery.

Solution: MercuryGate helped the client realize synergy within their supply chain operations with the introduction of an enterprise TMS. The TMS allowed the client to consolidate their supply chain operations via true control tower visibility, reporting, and management.

Results: The client realized operational benefits immediately. They interfaced their ERP to the MercuryGate TMS to gain order visibility sooner and tender loads earlier in the order shipment cycle. This, combined with integrated e-commerce with their carriers, provided better acceptance rates due to the ability to reserve capacity sooner. By centralizing transportation operations and integrating their systems at headquarters, the client reduced the personnel required to manage day-to-day transportation requirements by 50 percent.

About the Solution Provider: MercuryGate delivers an international TMS enabling shippers and logistics service providers to plan and execute multimodal shipments, settle invoices, allocate costs, and analyze transportation data. Supports multi-leg loads using TL, LTL, air, ocean, rail, intermodal, and high volume parcel. Use SaaS or self-hosted application to optimize transportation and reduce costs.



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