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Wholesale Supplier Turns to TMS to Improve Operational Decision Making

Challenge: This client, a wholesale supplier of entertainment hard goods, flourished in the order fulfillment space despite an atypical distribution model. Various systems, shipping modes, and customer types brought about operational and accounting issues and the need for a powerful enterprise TMS.

Solution: MercuryGate’s scalability allowed the client to handle thousands of transactions daily, be it B2B truckload shipments or residential parcel deliveries. Flexible TMS architecture facilitated integration of several existing systems and enabled the client to house all transportation data in one spot. The configurability of the TMS helped the client handle multiple types of transactions, shipments, and customers and assign shipping modes based on estimated weight of individual loads.

Results: With 24/7 access to vital transportation data and easy-to use analytic tools, the client improved decision making in their Operations Department. Next step is parlaying these efficiencies into a new segment of business - ocean planning and PO management.

About the Solution Provider: MercuryGate delivers an international TMS enabling shippers and logistics service providers to plan and execute multimodal shipments, settle invoices, allocate costs, and analyze transportation data. Supports multi-leg loads using TL, LTL, air, ocean, rail, intermodal, and high volume parcel. Use SaaS or self-hosted application to optimize transportation and reduce costs.



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