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New Strategy Accomplishes Customs Compliance and Cost Savings

Challenge: Transit delays and increased inspections by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) caused supply chain disruptions for a leading essential oils wholesaler. CBP requests for information and action had been received, and there were documentation errors. Customs brokerage fees were costly.

Solution: A.N. Deringer verified and corrected the client's tariff classifications for their database of nearly 10,000 SKUs. NAFTA Certificates of Origin for their vendors and shippers were corrected. Client staff underwent NAFTA training, ensuring precision of future classifications and providing the knowledge to teach their vendors. The client changed their processes and shipments were consolidated to minimize entries.

Results: The client no longer receives CBP requests or penalties. Significant Customs brokerage savings were achieved by moving to an EDI process for release of shipments. A.N. Deringer is working with the client to ensure new FDA regulations are met, and helping them realize the benefits of their C-TPAT certification.

About the Solution Provider: Founded in 1919, A.N. Deringer, Inc. is a leading provider of international supply chain solutions including freight forwarding, Customs brokerage and consulting, warehousing and distribution, cargo insurance, and meat inspection. Deringer combines over 30 US offices with a global agency partnership to facilitate the movement of cargo throughout the world.



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