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Complete Supply Chain Visibility of All Your Carriers!

Challenge: Difficulty to get accurate and timely location updates on brokered loads. Traditional in-cab solutions are too costly to install and too difficult to deploy to all outside carriers.

Solution: MacroPoint offers an easy-to-use, affordable mobile platform allowing drivers to share their location and other load information via their existing cell phone, in-cab ELD/GPS, EDI and more.

Results: MacroPoint’s service, technology and TMS integration are allowing us to better the accuracy of our communication with both our customers and our partner carriers allowing us to manage by exception and take care of any problems before they occur.

About the Solution Provider: Headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, MacroPoint designs freight monitoring and tracking solutions for shippers, brokers and 3PLs. Founded in 2011, MacroPoint’s patented, automated load monitoring and tracking software provides location visibility to third parties. MacroPoint works on any cell phone and with existing in-cab ELD/GPS tracking devices, and is integrated with most TMS Systems.



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