Pharma/Bio-Tech Case Studies

Imagine Where You Can Go With The Right Automation

Challenge: A pharmaceutical company's existing manual pick/pass picking system was constrained due to unbalanced workload across the operation flooding some zones while others had no orders to pick.[more]

End-to-End Supply Chain Strategy Drives Significant Business Results

Challenge: A large electronics company tripled in size in part because of more than 100 acquisitions; this company lacked visibility across their hundreds of factories and distribution centers.[more]

Advanced Demand Planning Platform Improves Eyewear Manufacturer's Supply Chain Visibility

Challenge: Specializing in optical products, a global manufacturer of glasses across approximately 16 production plants in Asia and a dozen distribution centers in Europe and America faced the need to ensure effective management of its supply chain.[more]

Kenco Implements FDA Validated System to Deliver 50% Productivity Improvement

Challenge: A pharmaceutical customer's growing order volumes and regulatory compliance needs prompted Kenco to reevaluate the customer's technology solution.[more]

Changing the Flu Vaccine Delivery Model By 600%

Challenge: DMLogic was challenged by a major pharmaceutical manufacturer to help change the delivery model of their seasonal flu vaccine from wholesale's distribution to direct shipments to physicians' offices and retail outlets. The impact was to radically change their shipping operations from 500 cases to 30,000 individual doses per week.[more]

Medical Supply Company Uses Buyer's Consol to Simplify Shipments

Challenge: A large medical supply company providing mobility solutions for patients, had multiple product suppliers and several shipment delays due to CFS congestion among other factors. Shipments were often late, and because of the number of LCL shipments, labor costs were prohibitive. After years of frustration, they turned to our company for help.[more]

QuestaWeb Technology Automates $6 Billion Firm's Importing Processes

Challenge: The U.S. subsidiary of a $6 billion multinational electronics and electrical equipment company imported products from its Japanese headquarters using manual processes. Beyond the inefficiencies of using paper documentation and having brokers manually key data, the post-import reconciliation of broker documents for correctness and compliance was labor intensive.[more]

Biotech Leader Supports Life-Saving Mission with Resilinc Resiliency Solution

Challenge: One of the world's leading biotechnology providers with over $20B in revenue and a commitment to ensure that no patient ever goes without their life-saving medicine, needed to manage better the risk of disruption to its global life-sustaining supply chain. Key challenges included gaining visibility and working collaboratively with suppliers from all over the globe -- based in countries with different regulatory and geo-political environments and risks.[more]

Big Pharma, Big Vision

Challenge: Through acquisition and a strong development pipeline, this manufacturer grew into one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. As a result, its supply chain became complicated and unwieldy. Recognizing the opportunity to streamline its operations and capitalize on low margin products, company leadership prioritized a move to global standardization and shared services.[more]

Excellence on Display: Global Healthcare Company Embeds Packaging to Save

Challenge: A global consumer healthcare company needed a 3PL to take over, and then move, its display-building operations into a regional distribution center without impacting productivity. The facility was experiencing rising costs and stagnating continuous improvement results.[more]

Process Design Software Tools Delivered To Support Clinical Trials

Challenge: The complexities of the clinical trials force many pharmaceutical manufacturers to outsource the entire operation. This manufacturer preferred to oversee its own trials and needed a software solution that was highly configurable and able to quickly support the variables of processing new trials.[more]

Pharmaceutical Giant is One of First to Launch Serialization Program

Challenge: Some recent estimates suggest as much as 10% of the global drug supply is counterfeit and that $75 billion per year is lost to counterfeit drugs. Beginning in 2017 all manufacturers will need to start meeting federal compliancy regulations for serialization.[more]

Global Consistency and Accuracy: Supply Chain Synchronization Through Forecast Planning

Challenge: A leading global OTC company needed to standardize its demand planning process across 8 countries, utilizing technology and services to create a consensus plan regardless of technical, language and cultural challenges.[more]

Kenco Reduces Waste Tonnage 71% for Major Healthcare Company

Challenge: A major manufacturer in the healthcare industry set aggressive sustainability goals for itself and its partners. As a part of this effort, two Kenco-managed facilities were asked to reduce waste, with the ultimate goal of achieving no waste to landfills. Both facilities combined have a footprint of over 400,000 square feet.[more]

Global Demand Visibility Strengthens the Supply Chain

Challenge: A global pharmaceutical developer and manufacturer found its multiple, disconnected systems were impeding its visibility across its operations. In addition, each product line had individual forecasting needs, geographic demands and local processes. The problem became apparent when it would take 2 - 3 days to answer the CEO when asked how a particular product line was selling in a specific region. The company needed to standardize its demand planning processes and leverage consistent best practices.[more]

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