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Advanced Demand Planning Platform Improves Eyewear Manufacturer's Supply Chain Visibility

Challenge: Specializing in optical products, a global manufacturer of glasses across approximately 16 production plants in Asia and a dozen distribution centers in Europe and America faced the need to ensure effective management of its supply chain.

Solution: To achieve this, tools were needed to gain a global view of its planning activity across all production plants and distribution units. Optimizing global production and distribution around a single common master plan was required. All group entities and capacity managers needed to have a centralized and collaborative management tool based on a single database to reduce lead times and decisions related to their products.

Result: By implementing DynaSys Demand & Supply Chain Planning achievements include:  Inventory reduction by 40% in 4 years;  Improved Supply Chain Visibility allowing decision to move into new markets;  Optimized S&OP process supported by a single, collaborative, database with real-time simulation.

About the Solution Provider: Founded in 1985, DynaSys, a division of QAD, is a leading provider of collaborative Demand & Supply Chain Planning solutions. DynaSys provides expert business decision-making software to market leaders of all sizes, including advanced capabilities for demand planning, distribution planning, production planning, procurement planning, and sales & operations planning (S&OP).



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