Planning/Forecasting Case Studies

Sporting Goods Leader Strives for a Best-in-Class Supply Chain

Challenge: Double-digit annual growth, a growing number of SKUs to plan for, and demands for excellent customer service led to the search for improvements in the area of supply chain planning.[more]

Inventory Optimization Drives SIOP Success

Challenge: A leading fixture and faucet manufacturer set out to improve service levels and increase product availability, without increasing its inventory investment. The company also targeted working capital efficiency for improvement.[more]

Driving S&OP Excellence

Challenge: A leading global footwear and apparel manufacturer launched a business initiative to dramatically improve forecast accuracy, align inventory investments and synchronize operations with global suppliers. The company accelerated and streamlined its sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to better support global operations and strategic growth.[more]

Distributor Achieves 50 Inventory Turns with Anseris Consulting

Challenge: A large Midwest C-store distributor was tasked with utilizing an outdated system to manage their inventory and short shelf products resulting in low user productivity and less than desirable customer service levels. With over 60% of the inventory investment in short shelf life products, the management of obsolete product was ever increasing as the business grew.[more]

Advanced Demand Planning Platform Improves Eyewear Manufacturer's Supply Chain Visibility

Challenge: Specializing in optical products, a global manufacturer of glasses across approximately 16 production plants in Asia and a dozen distribution centers in Europe and America faced the need to ensure effective management of its supply chain.[more]

Industrial Manufacturer Reduces Inventory with Demand Planning in the Cloud

Challenge: An accurate forecast is essential for supply chain optimization, and can ultimately lead to increased sales. Using spreadsheets can limit visibility and collaboration, needed to achieve consensus decisions that enable balancing supply and demand, while reducing inventory costs.[more]

ICAT Logistics - Urgent Supply & Demand

Challenge: Most hospitals utilize the just-in-time method of inventory control. If hospitals have higher than expected demand, additional supply must reach them immediately. Companies need a logistics provider that goes inside hospitals, uncrates new equipment, crates old equipment, and returns the old unit to the company regardless of the time of day.[more]

Big Pharma, Big Vision

Challenge: Through acquisition and a strong development pipeline, this manufacturer grew into one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. As a result, its supply chain became complicated and unwieldy. Recognizing the opportunity to streamline its operations and capitalize on low margin products, company leadership prioritized a move to global standardization and shared services.[more]

Moving Heavy Machinery in the Cloud

Challenge: With a supply chain spanning the farthest reaches of the globe, it wasn't uncommon for this heavy equipment manufacturer to lose sight of its shipments, resulting in frequent delivery delays and headaches for its dealers. Traditional point-to-point solutions were falling short in the supply chain.[more]

S&OP Drives Improvements to Product Innovation at Office Furniture Manufacturer

Challenge: Lean innovation pipeline and late product management projects plagued office furniture manufacturer.[more]

Private Label Juice Maker Puts the Squeeze on Inventory

Challenge: Simultaneously balancing inventory, meeting customer service needs, and maximizing production efficiencies is a challenge for any company. For a leading national private label juice and drinks producer this combination adds a few unique demand planning complexities.[more]

Brewer Reduced By 50% Planning and Control Processes Implementation Time

Challenge: One of the world’s leading brewers challenge was how to develop planning competencies, across six businesses in Latin America, which were consistent, sustainable, and contributed to operational and financial results.[more]

Global Consistency and Accuracy: Supply Chain Synchronization Through Forecast Planning

Challenge: A leading global OTC company needed to standardize its demand planning process across 8 countries, utilizing technology and services to create a consensus plan regardless of technical, language and cultural challenges.[more]

OMP Plus footprint with Central & Collaborative Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

Challenge: The Demand Planning function fits well into customer's strategy for a comprehensive Production Planning software suite. A key consideration is on the agility within the Demand Planning process as well as its integration to other functions of the Supply Chain.[more]

Inventory Control & Service Delivery with Service Parts Management

Challenge: Our client, an aircraft manufacturer, needed a sophisticated parts planning process to support an increased demand for aftermarket parts services. The existing ERP and legacy parts planning systems couldn't meet the needs of an increasingly complex services organization, causing insufficient service levels, low inventory turns, and high levels of obsolete stock.[more]

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