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Increased Throughput and Accuracy in High End Jewelry Distribution Center

Challenge: ScottTech worked with a high end jewelry manufacturer that was looking to increase throughput and accuracy in their main distribution center. They were seeking automation tools and processes that satisfied stringent quality and efficiency metrics.[more]

Driving Process Efficiency & Transparency by Automating Quality Management

Challenge: A global solution provider for the glass container industry with production locations in Sweden, United States, China and Malaysia wanted to continually drive customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive advantage through established quality initiatives throughout the supply chain. However, the company realized that they were managing critical quality processes with separate regional systems, communicating issues via email, which has resulted in a network of disparate systems that lacked the global visibility needed.[more]

Leading Snack Manufacturer Achieves Integrated Business Planning With OMP Plus

Challenge: A leading international snack manufacturer was faced with varying business processes and multiple planning/scheduling systems resulting in slow customer response times, lost sales and high working capital.[more]

GENCO Optimizes Large Retailer's Returns Process

Challenge: A large retailer needed an efficient and cost-effective way to handle products returning from stores into the reverse-logistics channel. The company was searching for a better way to manage merchandise for redeployment, return-to-vendor and liquidation.[more]

Leveraging FTZ 49 to Promote Import/Export Growth

Challenge: Today's 3PLs need every advantage to make them consistently more attractive to diverse client types year round.[more]

How to Reduce LTL Freight Costs and Improve Service

Challenge: Dock scheduling, warehouse management, visibility and reporting. Client warehouse and co-packing facilities created disruptions thus increasing costs. Shipment release, scheduling conflicts and regular missed pickups. Lack of ability to manage LTL carrier contracts, manual carrier rates and service metric ranking.[more]

Complete Supply Chain Visibility of All Your Carriers!

Challenge: Difficulty to get accurate and timely location updates on brokered loads. Traditional in-cab solutions are too costly to install and too difficult to deploy to all outside carriers.[more]

High-tech Retailer Combats Tumultuous Growth Period with Supply Chain Visibility

Challenge: This high-tech company was acquired and entered a period of rapid growth through a series of additional acquisitions. Behind the scenes, this company's supply chain had to keep pace with this growth - a tall order in a time of change.[more]

Asian Manufacturer Cuts Costs, Increases Transaction Efficiency Through Cloud-Based Platform

Challenge: An Asia-based manufacturer of sports shoes struggled with manual handling of buyers' PO requests, invoicing, and packing lists. Vast amounts of data were stored on cumbersome Excel spreadsheets. It resulted in a heavy workload, inefficiency, and frequent errors.[more]

Long-Term Transportation Management Partnership Saves Client Millions

Challenge: Wide transportation footprint; Different ERP systems across multiple platforms; Gaps in existing transportation network; Maintain core competency of steel-making/processing; Maintain quality/safety culture; Consolidating transportation metric source data[more]

TMS for Multi-Modal Inbound Logistics and Improved Spot Bidding

Challenge: Help a leading protein processor with: Increased demand from vendors seeking customer assistance in securing equipment; Insufficient visibility for auditing spot market spend; Unable to convert frequent spot lanes to routed lanes; Inefficient manual processes prone to error[more]

QuestaWeb's Technology Solves Complex Automation Challenges of a Dual-Purpose FTZ

Challenge: A fragrance and flavor company wanted to create one foreign trade zone in which it could perform both distribution and manufacturing functions. Due to its many product formulations - and ingredients coming from both U.S. and international sources - tracking inventory was quite complex. Some incoming ingredients were never used in manufacturing and sold in their raw state.[more]

Inventory Optimization Drives SIOP Success

Challenge: A leading fixture and faucet manufacturer set out to improve service levels and increase product availability, without increasing its inventory investment. The company also targeted working capital efficiency for improvement.[more]

How Do You Track Your Outside Carrier?

Challenge: Spending two to three hours daily making as many as 60 check calls to 30 drivers was limiting the time company could spend working with customers and generating new business.[more]

Distributor Achieves 50 Inventory Turns with Anseris Consulting

Challenge: A large Midwest C-store distributor was tasked with utilizing an outdated system to manage their inventory and short shelf products resulting in low user productivity and less than desirable customer service levels. With over 60% of the inventory investment in short shelf life products, the management of obsolete product was ever increasing as the business grew.[more]

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