Supply Chain Visibility Case Studies

Driving Process Efficiency & Transparency by Automating Quality Management

Challenge: A global solution provider for the glass container industry with production locations in Sweden, United States, China and Malaysia wanted to continually drive customer satisfaction and maintain a competitive advantage through established quality initiatives throughout the supply chain. However, the company realized that they were managing critical quality processes with separate regional systems, communicating issues via email, which has resulted in a network of disparate systems that lacked the global visibility needed.[more]

Leading Snack Manufacturer Achieves Integrated Business Planning With OMP Plus

Challenge: A leading international snack manufacturer was faced with varying business processes and multiple planning/scheduling systems resulting in slow customer response times, lost sales and high working capital.[more]

Diversified Services Provider Saves $15,000 Monthly with MacroPoint

Challenge: Our client, a family of distinct but related businesses involved in a variety of services such as recycling, material handling, and equipment sales, found that 95 percent of loads were never updated about a shipment location, and the other five percent would only be called when an issue arose, and in the majority of those instances it was after the fact.[more]

NetSuite Provides Unified Cloud Platform for Large Distributor

Challenge: A distributor of industrial equipment found itself saddled with siloed applications running in a fragmented IT environment that provided little visibility. Productivity suffered as staff had to manually process, import and export data across multiple systems, and a lack of real-time client information was causing needless delays and lost opportunities for sales and customer service.[more]

GENCO Optimizes Large Retailer's Returns Process

Challenge: A large retailer needed an efficient and cost-effective way to handle products returning from stores into the reverse-logistics channel. The company was searching for a better way to manage merchandise for redeployment, return-to-vendor and liquidation.[more]

Manufacturer Improves Visibility and Supplier Compliance with BSI's SCM Solution

Challenge: A large manufacturer was spending countless hours updating spreadsheets, reviewing supplier assessments, issuing corrective actions, and trying to track their suppliers' compliance, risk and performance ratings manually. They realized this manual approach wasn't sustainable as they continue to grow and vet additional suppliers. They began looking for a service provider that provided a single solution to help automate their assessment process, and improve their supply chain visibility.[more]

Renewed Freight Payment and Audit Relationship Strengthens Supply Chain

Challenge: After working with a large manufacturer to manage their freight bill audit and payment, the client chose to move the business to a logistics provider to support these and other supply chain needs. After a period of time with the company, however; they determined they were not receiving an adequate return on investment for the services.[more]

Code Red: Who are your High Risk Suppliers?

Challenge: A large manufacturer was searching for a provider that could offer an end-to-end solution to enhance their supply chain visibility, identify high risk sourcing countries and suppliers, and streamline their global audit and corrective action management program. They turned to us because of our holistic risk management solutions and services.[more]

Coatings Leader Achieves End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility with OMP Plus

Challenge: A global leader in specialty coatings was going through a multi-system migration and decided to select a state-of-the-art global end-to-end planning and scheduling platform including truck load building. This platform needed to cover 17 production sites, over 200 warehouses, fully integrate with their SAP landscape and support daily use by over 200 global users.[more]

Inventory Optimization Drives SIOP Success

Challenge: A leading fixture and faucet manufacturer set out to improve service levels and increase product availability, without increasing its inventory investment. The company also targeted working capital efficiency for improvement.[more]

Driving S&OP Excellence

Challenge: A leading global footwear and apparel manufacturer launched a business initiative to dramatically improve forecast accuracy, align inventory investments and synchronize operations with global suppliers. The company accelerated and streamlined its sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to better support global operations and strategic growth.[more]

QuestaWeb Technology Solves Broker's Operating Challenges and Confers ACE Readiness

Challenge: A large broker with multiple operating locations relied on antiquated broker technology and used a separate system for forwarding operations. The firm needed to acquire one integrated solution to satisfy all of its trade compliance needs. Beyond seeking user-friendly technology accessible by all its offices, the software needed to accommodate highly specialized accounting functions.[more]

nxFAST Delivers Asset Management Solution for the Solid Waste Market

Challenge: A Leading company making RFDI tags for various industries saw a market opportunity within the "roll-off" container industry. Costing between $2,500 and $10,000 each, roll-offs are often "sub-leased" without permission or stolen. Inefficiencies in managing these assets resulted in "lost" containers that cannot be rented to another customer, leading to the loss of potential revenue.[more]

Improving Accuracy, Visibility and Efficiency with AT&T Fleet Driver Center

Challenge: Inaccurate driver logs were leading to high CSA scores, occurrence of accidents and speeding violations, and creating time-consuming paperwork for Compliance and Safety staff. Dispatch lacked visibility into vehicles' locations in order to dispatch quickly and efficiently. Aggressive driver behaviors were causing accidents and speeding violations. Paper logs were leading to inaccurate driver logs and High CSA scores. Idling, inefficient routing and speeding caused high fuel spend.[more]

Manufacturer Improves Strategic Supply and Demand Chain with Amber Road

Challenge: This global leader in power and automation technologies operates in 100 countries and managed its international trade using a partly decentralized model. However, as the company grew and new trade agreements were ratified, their supply chain became more complex.[more]

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