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GENCO Helps Publishing Company Create a New Supply Chain for a Changing Industry

Challenge: A large publishing company in a rapidly changing industry was forced to make serious changes in order to survive. As requirements for physical inventories decreased and digital assets increased, the existing warehouse and labor costs threatened the long-term profitability of the company.

Solution: With a holistic and quality-driven approach to supply chain solutions, GENCO was able to maximize the efficiency of the existing warehouse and labor force by taking over these functions and utilizing unused resources. GENCO also deployed its network engineering services, which allowed the customer to better reach their national customer base and consolidate facilities to reduce costs.

Results: As the company's warehouse and labor were now managed by GENCO, they could then focus on their core competencies and how to best compete in a rapidly changing market. As their physical inventories continue to decrease in the future, they will be able to focus on how to compete in an increasingly digital market without the risks of maintaining significant legacy costs from their physical inventory.

About the Solution Provider: GENCO, A FedEx Company is a leading supply chain solution provider specializing in Product Lifecycle Logistics®.



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