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Business Strategy Alignment

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How Many Chinese Companies Can Leap from China to Playing on the Global Stage?

The era of easy growth for Chinese companies is coming to a close. Sales growth is slowing, while margins and profitability are under pressure. To reach the next level, Chinese companies need first to overcome a more challenging economy at home, where the days of relying on low labor costs, price competition, and a giant domestic market to fuel growth are over.

In recognition of the initial rapid ascent of Chinese companies onto the global stage-and in acknowledgment of the work they have left to do-The Boston Consulting Group has assembled a list of 50 fast-growing companies with global aspirations and momentum: the BCG Chinese global challengers. These companies are at a historical turning point, balanced between the successes of the past and the uncertainty of a more perilous future.

Other companies from other emerging markets have made the necessary shift. Cemex, a large cement maker based in Mexico; Vale, a mine operator based in Brazil; and IT giants Infosys and Wipro in India have become global leaders in their respective fields. It is now China's time. Are Chinese companies ready to move outside of their comfort zone and into positions of international strength and longevity?

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Keywords: international trade, supply chain management, Chinese companies on global stage

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