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Global Supply Chain Management

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How Social Compliance Can Make or Break a Supply Chain

Global companies today live or die by the effectiveness of their social compliance programs.

How Social Compliance Can Make or Break a Supply Chain

The term "social compliance" embraces virtually every stage of the supply chain, covering concerns such as workplace safety, slavery and forced labor, child labor and banned materials. So it's not surprising that many companies have experienced failures in that area. At the same time, the rules, regulations and standards for operating conscientious supply chains are more stringent than ever. The failure to comply with them can lead to injury, illness and death, not to mention lasting damage to a wayward company's brand. On this episode, we speak with Cheryl Layne, customer success director with Amber Road, who discusses how companies can collaborate with suppliers and other supply-chain partners to minimize lapses and violations. Today, she says, they must be able to track production from the raw-material stage all the way to the end customer. Hosted by Bob Bowman, Managing Editor of Supply Chain Brain.

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Show notes:

An article by Amber Road on the role of traceability in compliance.

An e-book on creating more resilient supply chains.

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