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How Important Is SCM to Hewlett-Packard's Overall Business Strategy?

HP has the largest IT supply chain in the world, according to Marcy Alstott,  vice president of operations for the LaserJet and Enterprise Solutions business unit at Hewlett-Packard. "We, along with our partners, manufacture in every region of the world, and then we deliver those products all over the world. With this scale and scope, our supply chain has become a competitive differentiator for the company as a whole."

That mean there are four main areas HP is looking at in term of SCM, he says.

"HP is 'Big for a Reason.' We're leveraging our scale to make HP technology more accessible and more affordable for our customers.

"We're also focusing on innovation. While our engineers and product developers come out with new and inventive products, our supply chain also has a history of being a thought and process leader. We will continue be creative and resourceful in order to develop processes to better serve our customers.

"Our third area of focus is sustainability. With the IT industry's largest and most complex global supply chains, HP has a responsibility to lead in supply chain social and environmental responsibility that we take very seriously. Our Supply Chain and Social and Environmental Responsibility teams are in lockstep when we make changes to our operations.

"Finally, we have our Pan-HP Supply Chain Optimization. We are working across our three main business units to simplify processes, leverage spend, drive progress, and exceed customers' expectations."

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