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LOG-NET Filing Service Helps Meet '10+2' Rules

LOG-NET, a provider of web-based supply chain execution solutions, says its Importer Security Filing service is now available. Using LOG-NET's web-based portal services, importers or their agents can file the 10 importer data elements directly to U.S. Customs in order to comply with the new "10+2" regulation.
"We have been testing this capability and are now in a position to open the processing up to a larger audience," says John Motley, president and CEO of LOG-NET. "Our clients and other early adopters preparing for this regulation are seeing the potential for two to five additional days of inventory in their supply chains. We want to help them avoid this by implementing seamless electronic solutions over the web."
Many importers who are concerned about the challenge of collecting the required information and transmitting this to Customs timely have focused on processing through destination customs brokers. LOG-NET says this service will enable importers to file from any location via shippers, forwarders or brokers.
The company will offer several tiers of service supporting various levels of automation among importers. The company is also providing input on various best-of-breed processes for implementing 10+2 with the smallest impact on the global supply chain.
This technological innovation will enable importers to focus on the necessary process changes needed to comply with the regulation while improving the seamlessness of their supply chain visibility.

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