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Free Trade Agreements and Other Ways to Optimize Global Trade

The complexities of managing global trade are many, which may be why a lot of companies overlook savings available in Free Trade Agreements. Scott Byrnes explains how to leverage FTAs and discusses other strategies to optimize global trade. »

It's Good for Everybody that U.S.-Colombia Free-Trade Pact Has Gone Into Effect - Finally

Six years after it was signed, the U.S.-Colombia free-trade agreement has taken effect, giving the U.S. economy a shot in the arm. Tell us again why this pact was a bad thing? »

Trade Agreements Benchmark Report

Survey Results and Best Practice Research »

Export Compliance Management Best Practices Benchmark Study

Best Practices for Managing Export Compliance to Support Globalization and Reduce Your Risk Profile »

GTM Drives Compliance and Efficiency in Cross-Border Trade

At a time of increased regulation and complexity in global supply chains, companies can't do without a sophisticated global trade management application. »

Managing Free-Trade Agreements Is Crucial

FTAs are a hot topic in Washington, D.C., and in the corporate world, says Nathan Pieri, SVP Marketing & Product Management of Amber Road. And in this video, he discusses their benefits and challenges, and outlines what you need to know to make them work to your greatest advantage. »

Trade Agreement Best Practices Benchmark Report

Free Trade Agreements (or Preference Programs) are becoming increasingly popular among global companies searching for ways to reduce costs and remain competitive. Today, many executives view free trade agreements (FTAs) as imperative because their company's lack of participation results in money... »

Case Study: Leggett & Platt Springs Above & Beyond with Automated Import Compliance

Leggett & Platt integrated Amber Road's Trade Import solution with their existing enterprise procurement system to support their strategic initiative of improving their international purchasing. A Fortune 500 diversified manufacturer of engineered components and products, Leggett & Platt... »

Case Study: DecisionOne Automates its Exports with Amber Road

Technology Support Services Company Improves Export Productivity by 50% while Maintaining Compliance with Complex Trade RegulationsDecisionOne needed a way to maintain its compliance with export regulations, streamline its process and work within its budget. The technology support services company... »

Filling the Black Holes in Your Supply Chain

Outsourcing. Multi-tiered supply chains. Shrinking product lifecycles. SKU proliferation. Incompatible information systems. Is it any wonder that companies are still losing track of goods as they make their way to market? »

White Paper: Six Best Practices to Improve Compliance with a Restricted Party Screening Solution

Many companies have elected to embrace technology and acquire a solution to help them manage restricted party screening. Given the sheer volume of restricted party entities coupled with the fast paced logistics process most companies have, screening your customer base manually is not only... »

Reduced IT Budgets Favor Small Projects, On-Demand Models

As the economic downturn shrinks budgets for supply chain IT investments, companies turn to smaller projects with fast implementations and on-demand delivery models. »

Going Outside the Walls: Companies Debate the Merits of Software-as-a-Service

Can you trust your software vendor with critical data and applications that are sitting in a server at a remote location? The model offers numerous advantages-and some caveats as well. »

White Paper: Best Practices to Reduce International Freight Costs

The drive to capture the business benefits of low cost country sourcing has far out-paced the processes and systems needed to efficiently manage the global supply chain. Most importers do not have a formal solution to manage international transportation yet technology holds the key to containing... »

AberdeenGroup: Global Trade Management in Retail and Consumer Industries: Reducing Total Landed Cost

In the past decade, the market has seen a changing pattern of global trade, with disintermediation of retail and distribution supply chains, volatile customer demand and new supply chain management challenges arising from stricter compliance regulations in the recent years. These trends have led... »

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