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Eliminate Risk from Your Global Supply Chain: Automate the Export Compliance Process

How do you manage your Global Trade Operations? How do you address Export Compliance? In a short video, Amber Road addresses these challenges and the importance of an on demand Global Trade Management solution which will reduce risk and save you time and money! »

Mastering the Complexities of Global Trade

Different languages, a proliferation of constantly changing government regulations and heightened security concerns are just a few of the issues that make global trade management far more complex and difficult than domestic logistics. Discussing these challenges, and solutions that help customers... »

Global Trade Requires "Global Knowledge"

Accurate data on the millions of rules, regulations, tariffs and classifications that govern international trade is crucial to global trade management, but not sufficient, says Anthony Hardenburgh, vice president of global trade content at Amber Road. He explains why domain expertise and software... »

New KPIs Reflect Changes in Logistics Management Solutions

As global trade management software has improved visibility to international shipments, companies have been able to enhance performance measures, moving from departmental indicators to broader metrics that drive coordination between departments, says Stephanie Miles, senior vice president of... »

Flexibility and Predictability are 'Must Haves' for Abercrombie & Fitch Supply Chain

Building a supply chain that is both flexible and predictable can be a challenge, but retail giant Abercrombie & Fitch says both these qualities are essential to keeping its stores stocked with fresh fashions. Larry Grischow, supply chain vice president, explains how A&F uses global trade... »

Minimizing Risk & Liability with Global Trade Management

Trade compliance specialists are key employees who require specialized skills and training, says John Priecko, president and managing partner for Trade Compliance Solutions. Priecko talks about the challenges of this position and requirements for the job. [Run Time (Min.): 5:32] »

Automating Global Trade at GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare needed an automated solution to screen its many global customers against restricted and denied parties lists, but that solution also had to work seamlessly with multiple existing ERP systems. George Grabher, ITC Program Leader at GE Healthcare, explains how a global trade management... »

Removing the Headaches of Cross-Border Logistics

Ty Bordner, vice president of product management and solutions consulting at Amber Road, describes how global trade management software helps eliminate the headaches associated with moving freight across multiple borders and shares his vision of where the GTM market is heading. [Run Time (Min.):... »

How Honeywell Integrates GTM with Multiple SAP Platforms

Honeywell Performance Materials and Technologies wanted a single global trade management solution that could integrate to two different SAP platforms for automated screening of export customers. Jamie Reis, IT project manager, explains why the company selected Amber Road as its GTM partner and how... »

The Pain and the Gain of Global Supply Chains

There's plenty of opportunity for companies looking to globalize their supply chains, says Scott Byrnes, vice president of marketing with Amber Road. But they also must understand the challenges involved. [Run Time (Min.): 9:18] »

Driving the Market--Key Trends and Best Practices in Global Trade Management

Where the primary focus of Global Trade Management software used to be on compliance, there are now a myriad of ways in which GTM can help to reduce costs and bring significantly greater ROI to a company's supply chain processes.  This unique presentation on expanding management... »

Video: GTM in a Flash: Introduction to Automating Export Compliance

Give us just 3-minutes. We'll show you how to automate your export compliance operations. As your exports grow, managing the process without the right level of automation creates serious risks. A global trade management solution for export can help you move goods across borders legally and... »

Managing Free-Trade Agreements

FTAs are a hot topic in Washington, D.C, and in the corporate world, says Nathan Pieri, Senior Vice President, Marketing & Product Management, Amber Road. He discusses their benefits and challenges, and outlines what you need to know to make them work to your greatest advantage. [Run Time... »

Strategic Opportunities That 10 Plus 2 Presents

Elements of 10 + 2 filings are the same for other import documentation. Leverage the former and reduce data inaccuracies, says Ty Bordner, vice president of solutions consulting at Amber Road. [Run Time (Min:) 10:35] »

Data Consolidation Improves Import Process at Leggett and Platt

A systems analysis at this diversified manufacturer revealed that data needed to support supply chain processes, particularly import processes, was dispersed across many different applications. This created inefficiencies and a lack of adequate control over important customs compliance issues.... »

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