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It's Good for Everybody that U.S.-Colombia Free-Trade Pact Has Gone Into Effect - Finally

Six years after it was signed, the U.S.-Colombia free-trade agreement has taken effect, giving the U.S. economy a shot in the arm. Tell us again why this pact was a bad thing?

Look at the Port of Long Beach. Recently, port officials drove the first golden pile into the water for their $1.2bn upgrade and expansion, hailing a modernization that will double the port's traffic when completed in 2019.

The project restores the California port as the biggest in the U.S., and competitively answers the Panama Canal's $5.25bn expansion.

Increased trade capacity makes that possible - and nothing turbocharges trade more than free trade treaties.

With the U.S.-Colombia free trade pact going into force, the U.S. stands to gain $1.1bn in new sales to Colombia, meaning plenty of demand for Long Beach. In anticipation, overall U.S. trade with Colombia increased 19 percent last year alone.

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