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Biotech Leader Supports Life-Saving Mission with Resilinc Resiliency Solution

Challenge: One of the world's leading biotechnology providers with over $20B in revenue and a commitment to ensure that no patient ever goes without their life-saving medicine, needed to manage better the risk of disruption to its global life-sustaining supply chain. Key challenges included gaining visibility and working collaboratively with suppliers from all over the globe -- based in countries with different regulatory and geo-political environments and risks.

Solution: Resilinc SupplyIntel cloud-based risk management solution for e2e visibility and proactive mitigation analytics and planning; EventWatch 24X7 global event monitoring service and integrated war room; supplier BCP module. Key requirements included low TCO, minimal or no upfront IT investment, highly secure, and numerous reference customers successfully using the system.

Results: 24X7 supplier surveillance, sub-tier supplier mapping and visibility, and product revenue–based mitigation prioritization. The system has already facilitated several rapid event responses and new mitigation strategy insights and resolutions.

About the Solution Provider: Resilinc is a leading cloud provider of supply chain resilience and risk management intelligence and analytics. Industry leaders like Amgen, GM and EMC rely on Resilinc to mitigate risks end to end, while achieving long-term competitive advantage, and building brand and shareholder value.



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