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Savi Issues Update of Mobile Tracking System for Cargo, Logistics Management

Savi Technology has introduced version 2.2 of the Savi Mobile Tracking System.

The product supplies more detail on real-time field conditions and events, to identify conditions that require an immediate response to a potential cargo theft, lost shipment or supply-chain delay. Features of SMTS 2.2 include new journey-management capability, with Web services that capture information such as assets, tags and journeys in the system. Users can more accurately define approved cargo corridors, with the ability to resize a corridor fence using handles, create a corridor fence around a line or point on the map, and enter a specific street address, according to Savi. The update offers new alert and advanced search capabilities and criteria, allowing users quickly to identify potential risks or issues requiring a response. SMTS 2.2 automatically updates open screens with updates made in a different screen, reducing re-keying errors and administrative tasks. Customers can use the data to make decisions on route optimizations, driver habits and other logistics functions.

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