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Serving Customers
How Rising Customer Expectations Play Into Your PLM Strategy
Delivering on customer expectations is one of the top three concerns of manufacturers, according to a recent IDC and UPS research study of more than 100 operational... »

Smart Strategies that can Recharge Your Supply Chain
Even when your supply chain is humming along, a little voice tells you that smooth operations aren’t enough these days. Technology and data have made it possible to... »

Understanding - And Profiting From - Visibility in Today's Complex Global Supply Chain
Operating a company in an omnichannel world is the price of doing business these days. Find out how to overcome a host of new supply chain challenges to satisfy the... »

5 Ways to Drive Post-Sales Service
Post-sales service can make or break a company's reputation - and bottom line. Across every industry and every supply chain, the successful ones focus on these key... »

  Operating Efficiently
8 Ways Brexit May Alter Your European Supply Chain
On the heels of the June 2016 referendum, in which UK voters opted to leave the European Union, little consensus has emerged about what Brexit will mean for U.S.... »

“Smart Operations” can help manufacturers thrive in the face of increasing challenges
Imagine a global supply chain that connects every human, digital, and mechanical link while also processing millions of bytes of data each second. One in which a vital... »

Get Your Supply Chain Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the sophisticated, connected B2B sibling of IoT, is still in its relative infancy. Yet, companies which don’t take baby steps... »

Newshoring and the Power of Cooperation
Newshoring, a manufacturing trend of creating jobs closer to home, is achieved by setting up supply chains close to innovation hubs like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and... »

  Growing Globally
A Passport for Success - Sound Advice on Growing Globally
Taking a company global sounds great, but once a business decides to do it, the cascade of challenges begins. Customs clearance, industry rules and regulations, and new... »

5 Ways to Take Your E-commerce Global
Cross-border retail sales are growing at a rate of seven times the GDP and almost double the rate of domestic online commerce. Pursuing such ripe opportunities presents... »

Reaching Out to Global Markets
Not surprisingly, 95% of the world's customer base lives outside the U.S., so having a global presence can be a smart move for future longevity. And emerging markets... »

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