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Serving Customers
Are Your Ready to be Disruptive? Are Your Ready to be Disruptive?
Are you ready to be a disruptor?  See how two companies dared to imagine new ways of doing old things and changed their industries forever.

The Overlooked Best Practices You Should Adopt to Keep Omnichannel Customers in Your Orbit
Omnichannel customers have very high expectations for how their chosen suppliers will service and supply them. It's all about the customer accessing the business in ways... »

How Rising Customer Expectations Play Into Your PLM Strategy
Delivering on customer expectations is one of the top three concerns of manufacturers, according to a recent IDC and UPS research study of more than 100 operational... »

Smart Strategies That Can Recharge Your Supply Chain
Even when your supply chain is humming along, a little voice tells you that smooth operations aren't enough these days. Technology and data have made it possible to... »

  Operating Efficiently
RFID gets Real
The promise of RFID technology has been circling businesses for years. Big retail and big pharma and manufacturing enterprises have been taking advantage of it for years to... »

Fielding High Expectations: How Some Businesses Get Closer to Customers with Field Stocking Locations
Field Stocking Networks/Contract Warehousing can help companies get to the closer without having to invest in infrastructure. Can locate inventory near technicians. ... »

Industrial 3D Printing
We're an on-demand society. We want what we want, at the lowest possible cost. Industrial 3D printing allows you to better match supply with demand. Now learn how 3D printing... »

How to Profit From Supply Chain Automation
Achieving a 'frictionless' supply chain may be a dream for many business executives. Connected technology works wonders, yet 'automation' isn't the right answer to every... »

  Growing Globally
How Freer Trade Boosts U.S. Manufacturing How Freer Trade Boosts U.S. Manufacturing
Our economy is in a time of transition. Leslie Griffin, Senior VP of International Public Policy at UPS discusses global trade policy and how freer trade can boost U.S.... »

Global Sourcing
No business is immune to the challenges of global sourcing. However, companies that focus all their resources on selecting a global sourcing location could find... »

U.S. - Mexico: Mastering Cross-Border Logistics Obstacles
Turn import-export challenges into your advantage

A Passport for Success - Sound Advice on Growing Globally
Taking a company global sounds great, but once a business decides to do it, the cascade of challenges begins. Customs clearance, industry rules and regulations, and new... »

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