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Get Your Supply Chain Ready for the Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), the sophisticated, connected B2B sibling of IoT, is still in its relative infancy. Yet, companies which donít take baby steps now might soon find themselves scrambling to keep up with faster-maturing peers on the path to the optimized, synchronized,... »

How Rising Customer Expectations Play Into Your PLM Strategy

Delivering on customer expectations is one of the top three concerns of manufacturers, according to a recent IDC and UPS research study of more than 100 operational professionals. Whether B2B or B2C, customers expect more customized products and want those products to be of the highest quality,... »

Smart Strategies that can Recharge Your Supply Chain

Even when your supply chain is humming along, a little voice tells you that smooth operations arenít enough these days. Technology and data have made it possible to perform on a much higher planeĖmore knowledgeably, faster and less expensively. And, deep down, youíre worried that your... »

Newshoring and the Power of Cooperation

Newshoring, a manufacturing trend of creating jobs closer to home, is achieved by setting up supply chains close to innovation hubs like Pittsburgh, Chicago, Boston and others. It allows businesses across America to rethink their resources. And because they can partner with other companies and... »

Transformation of the Supply Chain

Technologies and tools such as 3D printing or additive manufacturing are allowing companies to better collaborate with their manufacturing partners, improve the product development process, and offer personalized and customized products to their buyers. »

Unstuck: New Transportation Trends

Transportation congestion will cost the United States $2.8 trillion between 2013 and 2030. In this video, Wanis Kabbaj, Director, Global Healthcare Strategy, UPS offers his insights on how - in a congested world - we can enable growth and expansion by understanding the... »

Nine Essential Aspects of a Supply Chain Strategy

The supply chain is perhaps the ultimate-cross functional aspect of many businesses. For midsize companies, having a multiyear supply chain strategy is one of the most pivotal factors between winning against, or losing to, competitors. »

Supply Chain Success Series: Leveraging the Learnings of Enterprises - Part I

Having a supply chain strategy is equally important for midsize companies as it is for enterprise-level firms. In Part I of this series, here are some of the key high-level approaches you can adapt from your bigger business counterparts. »

Understanding - And Profiting From - Visibility in Today's Complex Global Supply Chain

Operating a company in an omnichannel world is the price of doing business these days. Find out how to overcome a host of new supply chain challenges to satisfy the multi-channel consumers. »

A Passport for Success - Sound Advice on Growing Globally

Taking a company global sounds great, but once a business decides to do it, the cascade of challenges begins. Customs clearance, industry rules and regulations, and new infrastructures are just a few - especially for mid-size companies. The ones that succeed will be the ones that have done the... »

Making the Most of Market Disruptions

What started as a retail phenomenon in which consumers demanded a seamless online and in-store experience has become a standard procedure across practically every industry. Whether you're a B2B or B2C business, optimizing your supply chain is critical. »

How To Turn Omnichannel from Retail Disruptor to Game-Changer

Omnichannel operations are a fact of life for businesses today; customers expect a seamless experience whether online or off. While creating a cross-channel supply chain is challenging to integrate, the disruptions are worth it. Here are eight places to start: »

Finding the Right Shoring Strategy to Fit Your Needs

It might be time to right-size your shoring strategy. Learn how near-shoring and re-shoring can shorten your supply chain, get your goods to market faster, and stay viable in todayís demanding marketplace. »

Reaching Out to Global Markets

Not surprisingly, 95% of the world's customer base lives outside the U.S., so having a global presence can be a smart move for future longevity. And emerging markets offer unexpected opportunities for midsize businesses. Finding the right partners is as important as finding the right market.... »

6 Keys to An Effective Returns Program

What best practices should you incorporate into your reverse logistics program? Discover these strategies that can simplify your returns process, save revenue and improve customer satisfaction. »

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