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APQC helps organizations work smarter, faster, and with greater confidence. It is the worldís foremost authority in benchmarking, best practices, process and performance improvement, and knowledge management. APQCís unique structure as a member-based nonprofit makes it a differentiator in the marketplace. APQC partners with more than 500 member organizations worldwide in all industries. With more than 40 years of experience, APQC remains the worldís leader in transforming organizations. Visit us at, and learn how you can make best practices your practices.

Featured Content
What Happens to Employees Who are Displaced by Automation?
When automation is implemented, the first concern is "What about the people?!?" APQC's research shows that after automating the sales order entry process, fewer... »

Technology Implementation - Where Are We?
How much further do you have to go to catch up with other supply chains in terms of technology? Find out where organizations are in implementing real time data and analytics,... »

Automating the Sales Order Entry Process: Executive Summary
APQC surveyed organizations with high transactional volumes or just-in-time inventory strategies on the ability of automation in the sales order process to lower transaction... »

Survey Seeks to Identify What Companies Are Doing to Combat Supply Chain Risk Survey Seeks to Identify What Companies Are Doing to Combat Supply Chain Risk
A state-of-IT-risk survey being conducted by APQC seeks to examine supply chain organizations' experience with IT risks and the steps organizations are taking to identify,... »

Survey Seeks Your Insights on 3PLs and 4PLs
APQC, a member-based nonprofit specializing in benchmarking, knowledge management, measurement, and process improvement, wants to know whether you think third-party logistics... »

Supplier Category Management Study Details Best Practices for Driving Value in Procurement
APQC, which specializes in benchmarking and best practices research, has released a report that identifies 14 key category management best practices grouped in four areas... »

Essentials of Benchmarking
Many supply-chain managers fail to take advantage of benchmarking because they fear it is too difficult or complex, says Ron Webb of APQC. Webb takes the mystique out of... »

Reverse Logistics: 'Backwards' Practices That Matter
Activities that go in reverse-not just the items returned but transportation, storage, repair, paperwork and disposal-have traditionally been overlooked. Bad move. A study of... »

When It Comes to GTM, the Accent's on Management
Quite a few enterprises are into global trade, but many of those are unable to step back and assess their performance. There are many issues to deal with, including... »

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