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Set Up Supply Chain Benchmarking For Success in Your Retail Organization

Retail benchmarking is a critical, often misunderstood, tool to aid the assessment of supply chain performance and support decision making for strategic planning and tactical execution. Ask a retail supply chain executive what comes to mind when they think of benchmarking and individual metrics... »

Unilever Grabs No. 1 Spot in Gartner's Annual Ranking of Top 25 Supply Chains

Unilever has taken the No. 1 spot in the 12th Annual Supply Chain Top 25 rankings from Gartner Inc. »

The Gartner Supply Chain Top 25: Recognizing Those Who Make Earth Day, Everyday

Last Friday was Earth Day, a natural time to reflect on the enormous impact that corporate supply chains have on people and the planet. As Gartner analysts, we increasingly hear from companies’ about their efforts to increase transparency and performance in running socially responsible supply... »

How Socially Responsible is your Supply Chain?

Gartner Supply Chain Analyst Pam Fitzpatrick just published a research note on cobalt supply chains – the issues and challenges are similar to conflict minerals. A report by Amnesty International describes unsafe working conditions, exposure to health risks and child labor at artisanal cobalt... »

How to Link Supply-Chain Strategy With Execution

How to Link Supply-Chain Strategy With Execution

Fran O'Sullivan, general manager of systems, strategy and operations, argues the importance of having a sound strategy in place, to guide companies in their pursuit of excellence. But it's equally important to measure the success of that effort, she says. »

Supply-Chain Financing: Challenges and Successes

Douglas Schoch, vice president of Siemens Capital Co. LLC, describes the changes he's seen in the field of supply-chain finance in recent years. He also talks about the keys to successful implementation of a supply-chain financing program. »

Examining the World of Risk Management

Examining the World of Risk Management

Dana Martin, product manager of Elementum, offers an overview of risk management, and how far companies have come in integrating the discipline with their global supply chains. »

Linking Sourcing and Product Design to the Global Supply Chain

Jim Preuninger, chief executive officer of Amber Road, outlines the challenges that companies face, when they seek to integrate product design with sourcing. Their success or failure promise to have a significant impact on the supply chain, he says. »

Reshoring: Reality or Hype?

Are companies really shifting their manufacturing operations out of China and back to the West? The answer isn't a simple one, says Akhil Oltikar, vice president of supply chain solutions at Riverwood Solutions. He looks at the many issues that global manufacturers take into account when deciding... »

AstraZeneca Embraces Supply-Chain Analytics

Amit Devpura, head of analytics, global supply chain and strategy with AstraZeneca, talks about how the pharmaceutical and biologics giant is using sophisticated analytics to get a better sense of demand, production and cost to serve. »

ULA: Launching a World-Class Supply Chain

United Launch Alliance LLC is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and The Boeing Co. Brad Houser, senior manager of supply chain operations, explains the company's mission, and how it crafts a supply chain that's geared toward absolute reliability in support of rocket launch services for government... »

Dow Chemical: A Supply Chain Under Constant Change

Noelle Walsh, corporation vice president of supply chain with The Dow Chemical Company, outlines the chemical industry giant's efforts to become more customer-focused, while synchronizing its supply chain upstream to suppliers, and downstream to customers. »

Shoring Up Cloud Security in Transportation-Management Systems

Shoring Up Cloud Security in Transportation-Management Systems

At the behest of its customers, Eyefreight recently undertook a detailed look at its measures designed to ensure the security of transportation-management system (TMS) software in the cloud. Chief operating officer Bill Owen reveals how the exercise went, and what results it yielded. »

The 'Ticking Time Bomb' of Multichannel Retailing

Tom Enright, research director with Gartner, talks about his recently completed survey on the challenges that are confronting multichannel retailers today, with a particular focus on the issue of returns. He offers his view on what constitutes excellence in the returns process. »

Digital Fulfillment: A Path to Inventory Visibility

Digital Fulfillment: A Path to Inventory Visibility

Diego Pantoja-Navajas, chief executive officer of LogFire, explains the concept behind digital fulfillment networks, and details how they can lead to the transmission of real-time, "perpetual" inventory signals throughout the supply chain. »

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