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Supply Chain Insights LLC was founded in February 2012 by Lora Cecere. Currently a small focused team, it is our goal to grow over time to help supply chain leaders make the world a better place. We want to be the first place that supply chain leaders turn to, to help their supply chain teams get better. Research is at the center of what we do. Our offerings include speaking, advisory services, community enablement and training.

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Putting Together the Pieces: The S&OP Technology Landscape in 2015
Over 80% of companies have an S&OP process. They are at varying levels of maturity. As companies evolve their processes, they need help sorting through the myriad of... »

Supply Chains to Admire 2015
This report is based on analysis of financial balance sheet and income statement data for the period of 2006-2014. To determine the companies to include in the Supply Chains... »

What Drives Inventory Effectiveness in a Market-Driven World?
Companies who use advanced software are more likely to be satisfied with their software, to be effective at making inventory decisions and to drive a return on investment for... »

CorpU Partners With Supply Chain Insights for Online Courses
CorpU has joined with Supply Chain Insights LLC to launch a series of online courses for supply-chain managers.

Lora Cecere Contributor to Forbes
Lora Cecere writes for Forbes. Check out her latest pieces here including her first "Embrace Digital and Unstick Your Supply Chain".

Kimberly-Clark's Demand-Driven Journey
Rick Sather, VP of Customer Supply Chain sketched out Kimberly-Clark's journey at the recent Global Summit of Supply Chain Insights in... »

Supply Chain Metrics That Matter
A dialogue on Supply Chain Metrics That Matter between Lora Cecere and Bram Desmet, of the Vlerick School of Business. Join this webinar to understand key insights from the... »

Inventory Management in a Market-Driven World
Over the past decade, optimization capabilities in supply chain systems have improved to improve outcomes; however, very few companies have been able to drive improvements in... »

Why Is S&OP So Hard?
S&OP processes are three decades old. They take many forms. Frustration abounds as supply chain leaders attempt to overcome the change management issues. In this webinar,... »

  Blogs & Podcasts
Sensors, Data and the Future of Supply Chain with Andy Souders of Savi
Lora talks with Andy Souders, Senior Vice President Products and Strategy at Savi, about the future of supply chain 2025 and the impact data will have. As sensors become... »

Supply Chain 2025 Will Be Instrumented, Interconnected and Intelligent with Irfan Khan of Bristlecone
Irfan Khan, CEO of Bristlecone, helps Lora gear up for our Supply Chain Insights Global Summit during this podcast episode. As we move closer to 2025, supply chain will... »

Shedding a Light on Supply Chain
The Founder of Supply Chain Insights, Lora Cecere, has an open discussion with Alison Crawford on the current state of supply chain research and the work that is being done... »

How Eastman Chemical Maintains Market Dominance
Kevin Pruitt, director of supply chain execution and global logistics with Eastman Chemical Co., discusses how the company designed and maintains an integrated supply-chain... »

'Supply Chains to Admire': The 2015 Edition
Lora Cecere, founder and chief executive officer of Supply Chain Insights, explains the methodology behind her firm's ranking of "Supply Chains to Admire," a new... »

General Mills' Journey to Supply-Chain Excellence
Andrea Turner, vice president of North American logistics with General Mills, details the company's strategy for making supply chain the core of its business -- and reveals... »

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