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Supply Chain IT
Modernizing EDI: Drivers, Options, and Success Factors
Modern technical innovations are affecting transaction protocols, document types, communication methods, security, and the "interfaces" available for integration.... »

Is Best-of-Breed Breaking Your IT Backend?
Business managers are driving the selection of best-of-breed applications, but this is creating a backend nightmare for IT professionals, who are responsible for the... »

Picking Methods and Technologies: Making Sense of the Strategy and Technology Options
Find the Right Picking Strategy to Meet Your Growth Challenges

Reducing Return Rates on Consumer Electronics Products
Identification of High Propensity-to-Return™ Customers Must Supplement Product Design, Documentation and Technical Support Improvements

Celestica Push Versus Pull Model
Supply chains are impacted everyday by the purchasing decisions that consumers make. To keep up with the shifts in demand due to the evolution of consumer buying habits,... »

eBook: Three Common Global Supply Chain Issues that Affect Your Bottom Line
Today, the benefits of sourcing from low-cost countries and selling into new foreign markets are driving the vast majority of enterprise-class companies to go global.... »

Aberdeen Group Report: China Trade Operations: Trends and Advancements
Due to its robust economy and status as a global manufacturing powerhouse, it’s no surprise that over 77% of companies are operating in China. However, the vast majority... »

Aberdeen Group Report: Advancing Global Trade: Foreign Trade Zone Solutions Revealed
With 85% of companies engaged in overseas operations, changes in labor rates and fluctuating fuel prices can have a major impact on profits and the global economy. That's why... »

Service Supply Chain Optimization Reduces Operational Costs, Increases Customer Loyalty and Generates Recurring Revenue
Success Requires Comprehensive, Integrated Approach Using the Proper People, Processes and Technology

Using Advanced Analytics and Innovative Resolution Techniques to Reduce Truck Rolls and Related Support Costs
Identifying Customer Incidents with High Propensity for Remote Resolution Allows Cable and Broadband MSOs to Cancel a Greater Percentage of On-Site Visits

2014-15 MGO Security & Supply Chain Risk Outlook
In this 34-page report, Monitor Global Outlook analysts predict significant shake-ups for global supply chains as risk levels shift in emerging and frontier markets. From... »

Game Theory in an eSourcing Application
Game Theory is defined as "the mathematical modeling of strategic interaction among rational (and irrational) agents." Could we apply these same models and... »

Duty Drawback: Could Your Business be Eligible for a Duty Reimbursement?
Businesses that pay import duties on goods that are subsequently exported or destroyed may be eligible for a refund of up to 99 percent of those import duties, through U.S.... »

2014 Material Price Outlook
Top industry analysts provide valuable insight on pricing, availability, and production of key global commodities for the coming year.

Demand Segmentation: Ahead of the Curve
Demand Segmentation: Ahead of the Curve, provides practical advice for organizations on how to advance segmentation, so they can continue to meet changing consumer needs... »

Evaluating Contract Management Lifecycle Solutions
Contract management software addresses the needs of today’s companies to gain the most value possible from their contracts. It helps to control spending, mitigate risk,... »

4th Annual IDC Change in the (Supply) Chain
As the global high-tech industry continues to redefine itself, companies are looking to seize new opportunities and confront old changes. The fourth edition in a series of... »

Understanding Commercial Warehouse Pricing
Ever wonder how third party logistics providers (3PLs) calculate the warehouse prices they charge? This new guide explains it all in plain language. By getting smarter about... »

2014 UPS Pulse of the Online Shopper
In a world of constant connectivity, amidst the frenetic pace of technological change for both consumers and retailers, today’s "flex shopper" has been born. This... »

Transportation and Sourcing Strategies for Changing Markets
Global economic and political changes, rising consumer expectations, volatile fuel costs and a growing U.S. driver shortage are four of the many issues driving transportation... »

Rapid Performance Improvement
Improving supply chain performance is not focused on a single process or system. Achieving significant and lasting performance improvement requires a holistic approach across... »

Company Culture Counts
Successful leaders understand that a company's culture is just as important to the bottom line as tools and technology. Workplace culture is more than a company... »

Vendor Compliance: How to Reduce Retailer Chargebacks
Retailer chargeback fines are a profit-draining reality for many consumer goods manufacturers. But companies with the will and the resources to prevent and refute chargebacks... »

Chemical Logistics: 7 Tips for Choosing a Partner for Storage and Distribution
The liability and safety risks associated with hazardous material storage and shipping demand a close, careful evaluation of third party logistics partners (3PLs) for... »

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