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Supply Chain IT
The Top 5 Reasons Your Bottom Line Needs AP Invoice Automation
Do you receive hundreds or thousands of emailed and faxed invoices from suppliers each month that have to be manually keyed into your financial system? Pretty inefficient,... »

Why Inbound Sales Order Automation is the Right Move for Your Business
Did you know that even after implementing an e-commerce website, most distributors still receive the majority of customer orders by email that must be manually entered into... »

Are You Ready for the New Interest Rate Environment?
The art of working capital management has declined since the 2008 market crash. The lingering low or no interest rate environment gave organizations little incentive to be... »

Managing Mission-Critical Operational Assets with Cloud-Based, Self-Service Automated Locker Systems
This whitepaper will present the latest trends and opportunities for management of mission-critical operational assets with cloud-based, self-service automated locker systems... »

Department of Commerce NIST Case Study Publication
Resilinc: Leverage Supply Chain Intelligence for Competitive Advantage

Blueprint for Labeling Success
The following interview series addresses key questions you should consider when reviewing requirements and current capabilities of any labeling solution. Download the report... »

Extending the Life of Your Warehouse Management System
No matter how big or how small the operation, everyone has “The List" – that set of unique items that their warehouse management system simply doesn’t do, or does... »

FTZs Reduce Total Landed Costs for Global Supply Chains
58% of companies agree that their inability to take advantage of preferential duty programs is costing them a material amount today and unless corrected, will only increase.... »

5 Best Practices to Enhance Supplier Management
Companies today struggle to find ways to reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies across facilities within their enterprise, while at the same time trying to find... »

Focusing Planning on What Matters Most
What if a new focus on materials management could lead to breakthrough inventory performance? Companies that have successfully implemented an ABC strategy as a first step to... »

Achieving Supplier Collaboration to Reach Your Risk Management Goals
Almost everyone agrees that buy-in and cooperation from internal stakeholders “within the four walls” is no longer sufficient. You need tier 1 and sub-tier supplier... »

Opportunity and Uncertainty: Key Trends in Aerospace and Defense
The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is poised to benefit from a surge in global commercial demand, along with the advent of new technologies, government acquisition... »

Navigating the World of Tougher Product Safety and Compliance Requirements
Global organizations are operating their supply chains in an environment of increasing complexity and ever-changing regulatory constraints. The product safety and compliance... »

Innovations in High Tech: What’s Changing in the Chain
By its very nature, the high tech sector is frequently on the cutting edge of logistics and supply-chain trends. Now the industry is gearing up to face a fresh challenge:... »

Aerogistics: Insights on Emerging Markets and Supply Chain Complexity
The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is experiencing a prolonged surge in growth. Factors include robust demand in new and emerging markets, as well as increased exports... »

What Makes a Superior Supply Chain for the Modern Era?
The High-volume DC that supports B2B, Omni-channel activities and direct-to-consumer shipments require flexible and scalable supply chain to function at an optimal level.... »

Retailer-Supplier Collaboration: Identifying and Eliminating Barriers to Improve Supply Chain Performance
Everyone seems to agree that collaboration between retailers and suppliers promotes a leaner, more profitable supply chain for all. But the pace of collaborative initiatives... »

Combatting Rising Costs of Distribution
A perfect storm of circumstances – including labor shortages, growing demand for shipping services, regulatory burdens and systemic infrastructure problems – has boosted... »

Is your Organization Prepared for a TMS Implementation?
As organizations across the world demonstrate every day, a TMS can improve margins by reducing net landed costs of goods.  Yet shippers must understand that successfully... »

The Value of Managing Global Transportation from a Single Platform
Intent on gaining visibility, saving money, and operating as lean as possible, today's global shippers are increasingly turning to global transportation management systems... »

Instituting a Culture of Continuous Improvement in Transportation Management
Today's global shippers and 3PLs are operating in dynamic business environments and under constant pressure to control costs and identify efficiencies. Many of these... »

Warehouse Capacity Economics and Trends
Don’t let the next seasonal peak limit your logistics strategy. 75% of logistics professionals report that their inventory significantly exceeds capacity at some point... »

Fast Growing Fresh Supply Chains Require New Approaches to Delivery
Consumer demand for more fresh ready-to eat products is driving development of new replenishment models based on smaller, more frequent deliveries, versatile truck drivers... »

Calming Near-Term Planning Chaos With a Demand Control Process
Demand Control is a process designed to take chaos out of near-term planning and promote actions that enable companies to profitably meet abnormal demand. The results are... »

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