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Supply Chain IT
Calculating Savings and Return for an Enterprise Transportation Optimization and Automation Solution
Perhaps you’re not convinced that transportation management and optimization will be beneficial to your organization. If so, you should take 5 minutes to read this... »

The Self-Learning Supply Chain
Most companies have some basic form of analytics. This is the next step for the truly competitive: A supply chain that intuitively learns from your business reality to offer... »

Connecting S&OP to Operational Execution
According to industry research, most S&OP users cannot create a consistently achievable S&OP plan. A Supply Chain Insights 2015 survey revealed that only 30 percent... »

What Does One Keystroke Cost Your Operation?
Everyone in the warehouse world has sat down and considered how streamlining operations could reduce costs. But taking it to the minuscule detail of a keystroke probably... »

WMS Pain Points: Packing Pains in the E-Commerce World
For any business with a B2C component, the warehouse has changed dramatically over the last few years. In the world of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer businesses, how your... »

Why You Need Big Data to Make Supply Chain Finance Actually Work
Supply chain finance holds a lot of promise for freeing up working capital, helping suppliers stay healthy, and being lucrative to financial institutions. But until now,... »

The Current and Future State of Digital Supply Chain Transformation
Executives see a large gap between the current state of digital transformation across their extended global value chains and what they expect to see in just five years from... »

Lenovo’s Supply Chain Reboot
Since acquiring IBM's PC business ten years ago, Lenovo has grown voraciously, expanding into the server business, the smartphone business, and into markets worldwide. To... »

Improve Overall Operations, Save Time, and Increase Inventory Accuracy with PickPro Software
Making smart technology choices are a great way to help your business run more efficiently. Of course, the goal of any business is to continuously improve operations and... »

The Dynamic Role of a Systems Integrator
A Systems integrator differs from manufacturers, system solutions companies, and engineering firms. True systems integrators face each project with a clean slate, or non-... »

Chasing Amazon: Building a Dynamic Warehouse Network
Amazon has significantly changed consumer expectations – from shopping to shipping – through billion-dollar innovations. Most traditional retailers and e-commerce companies... »

The Rise of the Quality Business Network
As the relationship between internal quality management processes, supply chains and customer experience becomes increasingly complex, stakeholders in the quality management... »

How Companies Are Tackling the Challenge of Risk Management
Managers of high-tech and medical supply chains discuss how their companies have approached the critical issue of risk management over the years -- and what more needs to be... »

Better Forecasting, Better Business
Imagine the potential for your business if you had a way to know what would happen tomorrow. Download your copy of our guide to attribute-based demand forecasting to learn... »

In Transition? How NetSuite takes Enterprise Technology 'Graduates' to Full-Scale Replacements
In this report, Mint Jutras explores the goals and challenges of companies who "graduate" from the likes of QuickBooks and other desktop solutions and make the... »

The Real-Time Advantage in Food Production
Food manufacturing has always been a challengingly dynamic business. With so many variables coming into play – from volatile weather conditions to evolving standards of food... »

What Arrives in L.A. stays in L.A.: DC Bypass Strategies that Leverage the Largest U.S. Gateway
As a majority of retail products are sourced in Asia and arrive at West Coast ports, mid-tier retailers who rely exclusively on centralized distribution centers may be... »

U.S. Exporters Can Benefit From Multiple State/Federal - and Canadian - Incentives and Resources
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, "lack of awareness" is a leading reason why many businesses choose not to explore export opportunities. In... »

Ten Considerations in Preparing Your Time-Sensitive Shipments
Businesses that regularly ship time-sensitive goods often have a blind faith in their logistics provider’s ability to ensure an on-time delivery. And it isn’t until something... »

Avoiding Delays and Unexpected Costs: Facilitating the U.S.-Canada Border Clearance Process
Do your shipments arrive at the Canadian border eligible for expedited review, with all documentation pre-filed and duties and taxes paid? Or do they go to the end of the... »

LTL Secrets Revealed: How Small Shippers Use Collaborative Strategies to Reduce High LTL Costs
For years small to medium-sized shippers have endured the higher cost of LTL carriers because they lacked the volume to ship full truckloads.  Today, more lower-volume... »

Integrate Contract Packaging with Distribution Operations for Dramatic Savings
CPG companies can reduce supply chain costs dramatically by integrating final packaging into existing distribution operations and entrusting the packaging function to the... »

Is It Time to Think About Logistics Outsourcing?
The demands placed on today’s supply chains are becoming more complex and more challenging. Partnering with an integrated supply chain solutions provider to outsource... »

Pricing for Profit in Container Shipping
Discover how to price for profit in the container shipping industry. Find out more about price analytics and optimization technology from Quintiq. Download your copy of the... »

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