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Supply Chain IT
The Convergence of the Enterprise Sales Model
B2B sales processes are being transformed by buyers who are demanding a more personalized buying experience similar to what they have experienced in their personal shopping.... »

CPQ: 5 Steps to the Perfect Quote
Find out how IBM Configure Price Quote can help make sales of the most complicated configurable products easy. Please CLICK HERE to download the whitepaper.

B2B Commerce Effectiveness: 5 Key Components of Successful B2B Commerce
Business buyers are shopping online as private consumers and they expect the same experience when purchasing business products and services online. While B2B organizations... »

The Loyal Millennial Shopper? No Longer a Pipe Dream for Grocers
Learn how you can: • Provide an integrated, seamless, true omnichannel experience for your customers• Create, strengthen and maintain shopper loyalty, especially among... »

Consumer Food Packaging Company Eliminates Mixed Pallets with automated Verification System
A leading packaging company faced potential liability, recalls and even lost customers over mixed-case errors in food packaging shipments, despite a work-in-process system... »

McDonald's Supplier Implements Food Traceability System to Comply with Mandate
Learn how a McDonald’s food supplier implemented an automated work-in-process solution from Inovity to remove manual processes and paper forms, enable complete traceability... »

CFOs Take Control: Don't Let your Ship from Store Strategy Break the Bank
As a CFO, you are charged with making sure your company implements a successful ship from store strategy without breaking the bank. In this white paper, learn about the costs... »

Transformative Technology Changing Manufacturing: Is RFID the Competitive Advantage You Need?
Is RFID the competitive advantage you need? RFID steps out of the shadows to become a major contender in the push for a connected supply chain. Considered one of the core... »

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Legacy ERP Solutions: SaaS for Scalability & Efficiency
In this report, Mint Jutras explores the goals and challenges of companies who "graduate" from the likes of QuickBooks and other desktop solutions and make the... »

Is Your S&OP or IBP Process Delivering the Results You Expected?
Is your Sales & Operations Planning or Integrated Business Planning process delivering the results you expected? If not, read this new white paper.  Oliver Wight’s... »

Demand Control: An Often Missing Link in the Demand Management
In this white paper, the authors define Demand Control and outline its importance in Demand Management. Done well, Demand Control takes chaos out of the order fulfillment and... »

Going Global - Are You Ready?
It's the best of times to take your business global. It's the worst of times to take your business global. With apologies to Charles Dickens, we are living in roilingly... »

Getting Live on ERP in Less than 100 Days - The New Reality
Learn how Lindemann Chimney and Wittek Golf took the SuiteSuccess approach to ERP implementation and got their distribution businesses up and running in less than 100 days.... »

DynaSys Leadership White Paper DSCP for Consumer Products: How Can Consumer Products Companies Compete as Supply Chains Grow in Complexity?
The primary objective of consumer products manufacturers is to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time in the right quantity. This has to be done while... »

Integrated Planning for Consumer Products: A Centralized Approach to Demand, Supply Chain, and Operations Planning
This report identifies how a consumer products manufacturer can improve their technology environment to take an effective, holistic approach to planning. The top challenge of... »

Improve Overall Operations, Save Time, and Increase Inventory Accuracy with PickPro Software
Making smart technology choices are a great way to help your business run more efficiently. Of course, the goal of any business is to continuously improve operations and... »

Finding a TMS that will Deliver Value Today and in the Future
The complexity that transportation teams are dealing with has increased dramatically in the past decade, and continues to increase in present day. Nonetheless, logistics... »

Track/Trace Solutions for the Logistics Supply Chain
Consumer satisfaction with the quality of your products is clearly important, but the service you provide before and after the sale is equally important to any business, but... »

Electronic Invoicing: European Union Directives Bring New Efficiencies and Cost Savings to Shipping
Despite the benefits of e-invoicing and looming regulation deadlines, many companies doing business in Europe still print and mail invoices, following old operating... »

How Technology is Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain
It's no secret that tech innovations have become key to the evolution of business processes. Whether born of necessity, to fill a niche need, or developed as a blue-sky... »

What Arrives in L.A. stays in L.A.: DC Bypass Strategies that Leverage the Largest U.S. Gateway
As a majority of retail products are sourced in Asia and arrive at West Coast ports, mid-tier retailers who rely exclusively on centralized distribution centers may be... »

U.S. Exporters Can Benefit From Multiple State/Federal - and Canadian - Incentives and Resources
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, "lack of awareness" is a leading reason why many businesses choose not to explore export opportunities. In... »

Ten Considerations in Preparing Your Time-Sensitive Shipments
Businesses that regularly ship time-sensitive goods often have a blind faith in their logistics provider’s ability to ensure an on-time delivery. And it isn’t until something... »

Avoiding Delays and Unexpected Costs: Facilitating the U.S.-Canada Border Clearance Process
Do your shipments arrive at the Canadian border eligible for expedited review, with all documentation pre-filed and duties and taxes paid? Or do they go to the end of the... »

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