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Supply Chain IT
Four Best Practices to Improve Quality in the Supply Chain
Markets and manufacturing practices have evolved and companies now work with an increasing number of global manufacturing and supply partners. As companies have pursued this... »

Extending the Life of Your WMS
No matter how big or how small the operation, everyone has "The List." The list is that set of notes that operations people carry around in... »

Extending Control and Transparency into Supply Chains - How Cloud Technology Can Help With Supplier Quality
Over the past decade, as supply chains have become increasingly global, decentralized and complex, it has become more challenging to manage quality across this broad range of... »

Pick or Sort for Retail Fulfillment
Finding the Right Path to Meet Rapid Retail Growth

Enterprise Labeling: An Imperative for the Electronics Industry
The electronics industry today creates products embedded in many types of manufactured items: automobiles, airplanes, computers, a multitude of consumer goods, in the... »

2014 Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling
This year's review of the Top 5 Trends in Enterprise Labeling reflects evolving supply chain themes and technological advancements that compel businesses to look at labeling... »

Hypertherm Realizes $1.5M - $5M Savings Implementing Loftware Spectrum
Discover how leading global manufacturer, Hypertherm®, saved millions after deploying Loftware’s 100% browser based, all-in-one enterprise labeling solution, Loftware... »

Staying Ahead of Today's On-Demand Market: Push Versus Pull Strategies
Supply chains are impacted everyday by the purchasing decisions that consumers make. To keep up with the shifts in demand due to the evolution of consumer buying habits,... »

Optimizing Your Sourcing and Procurement: Five Simple Rules
According to Gartner, North American companies spent $1.4 billion on sourcing and procurement applications in 2013. For their investment, companies are seeking two... »

Why Annual Planning Should be a Significant Non-Event; Tapping the power of Integrated Business Planning
Companies wedded to traditional annual planning and budgeting processes face significant risk of “losing” in the increasingly dynamic global marketplace. This white... »

Direct Materials & Commodity Sourcing Strategies - Improving Results with Advanced Sourcing
Accounting for up to 80% of the cost of finished goods, direct materials that make up the final product sold are often commodity items - but significant effort is spent... »

Capture More Spend Under Management - Attack the Gaps in Your Sourcing Toolkit with an Advanced Sourcing Solution
Is your current eSourcing suite failing to support your sourcing needs? In this white paper you will learn: • Why do most companies reach a plateau (often around 30%) in the... »

Should I Care About S&OP? The Road to Sales & Operations Planning ROI
Are you stuck in your Sales & Operations Planning progression? Have you not started the Integrated Business Planning Journey?  Do you need to build and sell to... »

Service Supply Chain Optimization Reduces Operational Costs, Increases Customer Loyalty and Generates Recurring Revenue
Success Requires Comprehensive, Integrated Approach Using the Proper People, Processes and Technology

Using Advanced Analytics and Innovative Resolution Techniques to Reduce Truck Rolls and Related Support Costs
Identifying Customer Incidents with High Propensity for Remote Resolution Allows Cable and Broadband MSOs to Cancel a Greater Percentage of On-Site Visits

2014-15 MGO Security & Supply Chain Risk Outlook
In this 34-page report, Monitor Global Outlook analysts predict significant shake-ups for global supply chains as risk levels shift in emerging and frontier markets. From... »

Inbound Routing Guide Compliance
This leading cosmetics manufacturer permitted its vendors to execute routing and carrier selection for inbound shipments. Although they provided detailed routing guides, the... »

Spot Bidding for Multi-Modal Inbound Logistics
See how this leading protein producer shaved 20% from spot market spend while also improving lead times, reducing time-to-cover loads and promoting healthier carrier... »

Breaking the Logjam: How a Public-Private Partnership Aims to End Long Truck Queues at Marine Terminal Gates
A public-private partnership at the high-volume ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach is engaged in real-world testing of innovative technologies and processes aimed at... »

The Power of We: Creating a Shared Infrastructure for Product Distribution
By viewing warehouse and freight capacity as more of a shared infrastructure, consumer goods companies can realize huge cost savings and dramatically lower greenhouse gas... »

Understanding NAFTA and its Implications for U.S./Canada Trade
In the 20 years since the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) took effect, trade between the US and Canada has increased by 300%, and the countries are each other’s... »

Look Who's Riding the Rails
Slow service. Indirect routes. Poor visibility. Required increases in inventory levels. These are just some of the reasons consumer goods companies have given for avoiding... »

The Purchasing-Logistics Disconnect: How Silo Structures are Costing Retailers Millions in Supply Chain Costs
Retailers today face an opportunity to save millions of dollars a year, simply by fixing a structural flaw built into most retail supply chains. Large retailers have... »

Supply Chain Trends Impacting the Consumer Products Industry
Consumer product companies that are planning logistics budgets and initiatives would be wise to consider major trends that will shape how their supply chains will operate in... »

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