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Supply Chain IT
Top 5 Reasons S&OP Belongs in the Cloud: Integrating Cloud S&OP With ERP vs. Customizing ERP for S&OP
Learn how cloud solutions improve forecast accuracy with demand-driven sales and operations planning.

The Practical Approach to S&OP
Leading supply chain teams have discovered that true S&OP success flows from practical thinking—making it easy to implement, easy to execute, and easy to sustain.... »

Analytics in the DC
From "What Happened?" to "What's Coming?"

Implementation Challenges in WMS: Another Ten Steps
WMS implementations are difficult and often conclude with less than the optimistic expectations with which they started. In the author's history of more than 30 years and... »

Modernizing EDI: Best Practices for Project Planning and Migration
Businesses that invest in modern EDI capabilities are more agile, more scalable and efficient, and easier to do business with. Realizing the full benefit of Modern EDI... »

Using Spend Analysis Data to Build Your Sourcing Roadmap
For many organizations undertaking a strategic procurement initiative, it’s not uncommon for procurement professionals to feel like they have “bad data.” Unless your... »

Are Spreadsheets Sabotaging Your Supply Chain?
47% of 860 supply chain professionals stated they rely on spreadsheets for their demand planning. Spreadsheet use pervades every aspect of corporate life; and, while it’s... »

Removing Barriers to Inventory Optimization
Companies that embrace multi-echelon inventory optimization (MEIO) achieve, on average, a 28% increase in inventory turns. This paper presents a simple, three-step approach... »

Framing the Problem Statement: Investments in the Extended Supply Chain Should Not Be Made Blindly
How do I realize more value from investing in the extended supply chain? is a common question which  Jim Matthews, with 25 years of experience in management,... »

Radisys Integrates Supply and Demand into a Single Plan of Record
Radisys partnered with Steelwedge to manage everything from outsourced manufacturing and global volatility to mergers and acquisitions—and to ensure S&OP goals aligned... »

Intro to Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP): Discover the 7 Critical Factors for Driving Collaboration and Organizational Alignment
Many companies with a sales and operations planning (S&OP) process in place still spend significant time spinning their wheels. S&OP is designed to create... »

Microsemi Reduces Inventory by Millions Through Improved Forecasting
Challenged by an innaccurate forecasting process and a reporting system that lacked the necessary granularity, speed and consistency, Microsemi found itself with $76 million... »

The Power of Insight - Improve Statistical Forecasting for Greater Supply Chain Efficiencies
Historical data can tell you what happened, but to make accurate demand forecasts, you need to know more. With the correct models applied to suit the business and its... »

Retail's Therapy: Top to Bottom Process Integration for Sustainable Profits
With rapid and unpredictable changes in consumer preferences, retailers have their work cut out. Compounding the challenge is growing overseas competition, increasing... »

Optimizing Your Sourcing and Procurement: Five Simple Rules
According to Gartner, North American companies spent $1.4 billion on sourcing and procurement applications in 2013. For their investment, companies are seeking two... »

Why Annual Planning Should be a Significant Non-Event; Tapping the power of Integrated Business Planning
Companies wedded to traditional annual planning and budgeting processes face significant risk of "losing" in the increasingly dynamic global marketplace. This... »

Packaging and the Streamlined Supply Chain
Product packaging has always been the realm of marketing departments. But purely design-driven packaging decisions often inflate costs further downstream in the supply... »

CytoSport Muscles Up ROI
CytoSport™, the premier manufacturer of sports-oriented nutritional supplements for athletes and active-lifestyle individuals, was founded in 1998 by the father-and-son team... »

Can You Benefit from Deploying An Omni-Modal TMS?
Orchestrating the end-to-end transportation process hasn't gotten any easier over the last decade. Working effectively with customers, suppliers, carriers, freight... »

Gearing Up for Growth: Speed, Agility, and Cost Efficiency; the Future of the Automotive Supply Chain
As demand accelerates, how can automotive companies balance growth, visibility, profitability, cycle times, demand, and complexity in the supply chain? The answer lies in... »

Labor Management Strategies in the Warehouse
Kane Is Able recently sponsored research with 252 logistics executives on the strategies they employ for managing labor in the distribution center. The results of that... »

Case Study: Sargento Foods
Sargento Foods Inc., one of the largest producers of cheese in the U.S., offers a wide variety of products through four separate business divisions. It distributes its... »

Case Study: HP Hood
HP Hood LLC is one of the largest branded dairy operators in the U.S. With a broad customer base, 150,000 annual shipments, 12 processing plants and 22 distribution centers,... »

Bridging the Gap: The Role of Retail 3PLs in the Journey to "Shopping Redefined"
Today's digital consumers are redefining shopping to fit their lifestyles. They want to shop whenever, wherever and however they choose with fast deliveries and no-hassle... »

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