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Supply Chain IT
Unlock the Value of Your Supply Chain Through Embedded Analytics
In this whitepaper IDC looks at how the best supply chains will be those that have the ability to quickly analyze large amounts of disparate data and disseminate business... »

Is your Business Network Optimized for the Digital World?
As your network of trading partners grows and the complexities of business integration increase, an effective and well-managed business network can help you differentiate... »

A Customer Case Study: Pro-Flex Switching from Epicor to NetSuite
Manufacturers and distributors today face significant challenges with changing market conditions, increased competition and rapidly evolving customer expectations. Companies... »

Adopting Next Generation Labeling Technology Enhances Enterprise Agility and Reduces Costs
Next generation label management solutions allow enterprises to reduce costs, improve agility, and reduce the risk of production shutdowns and labeling non-compliance. This... »

Leveraging Lean Six Sigma Tools in LMS Implementations
Implementing a Labor Management System (LMS) is an important step toward improving labor productivity and reducing costs. However, leveraging Lean Six Sigma tools during an... »

Supply Chain Disruptions and Risk Still Looming: How to Create a More Resilient Supply Chain
Manufacturers today must make sourcing decisions in an environment where they donít know all of the factors. Globalized sourcing operations increase the likelihood of risk or... »

Going to the Source: Supplier Relationship Micro Management
Across the world, sourcing, supply chain, and global trade executives are under intense pressure to streamline their processes in order to stay ahead of the competition and... »

Three Imperatives for Global eCommerce
If youíre not already engaged in international eCommerce, now is the time to begin planning your strategy. Internet use is increasing across established and emerging markets... »

Going Global - Are You Ready?
It's the best of times to take your business global. It's the worst of times to take your business global. With apologies to Charles Dickens, we are living in roilingly... »

Getting Live on ERP in Less than 100 Days - The New Reality
Learn how Lindemann Chimney and Wittek Golf took the SuiteSuccess approach to ERP implementation and got their distribution businesses up and running in less than 100 days.... »

DynaSys Leadership White Paper DSCP for Consumer Products: How Can Consumer Products Companies Compete as Supply Chains Grow in Complexity?
The primary objective of consumer products manufacturers is to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time in the right quantity. This has to be done while... »

Integrated Planning for Consumer Products: A Centralized Approach to Demand, Supply Chain, and Operations Planning
This report identifies how a consumer products manufacturer can improve their technology environment to take an effective, holistic approach to planning. The top challenge of... »

Improve Overall Operations, Save Time, and Increase Inventory Accuracy with PickPro Software
Making smart technology choices are a great way to help your business run more efficiently. Of course, the goal of any business is to continuously improve operations and... »

The Dynamic Role of a Systems Integrator
A Systems integrator differs from manufacturers, system solutions companies, and engineering firms. True systems integrators face each project with a clean slate, or non-... »

Chasing Amazon: Building a Dynamic Warehouse Network
Amazon has significantly changed consumer expectations - from shopping to shipping - through billion-dollar innovations. Most traditional retailers and e-commerce... »

The Rise of the Quality Business Network
As the relationship between internal quality management processes, supply chains and customer experience becomes increasingly complex, stakeholders in the quality management... »

Electronic Invoicing: European Union Directives Bring New Efficiencies and Cost Savings to Shipping
Despite the benefits of e-invoicing and looming regulation deadlines, many companies doing business in Europe still print and mail invoices, following old operating... »

How Technology is Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain
It's no secret that tech innovations have become key to the evolution of business processes. Whether born of necessity, to fill a niche need, or developed as a blue-sky... »

What Arrives in L.A. stays in L.A.: DC Bypass Strategies that Leverage the Largest U.S. Gateway
As a majority of retail products are sourced in Asia and arrive at West Coast ports, mid-tier retailers who rely exclusively on centralized distribution centers may be... »

U.S. Exporters Can Benefit From Multiple State/Federal - and Canadian - Incentives and Resources
According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, "lack of awareness" is a leading reason why many businesses choose not to explore export opportunities. In... »

Ten Considerations in Preparing Your Time-Sensitive Shipments
Businesses that regularly ship time-sensitive goods often have a blind faith in their logistics providerís ability to ensure an on-time delivery. And it isnít until something... »

Avoiding Delays and Unexpected Costs: Facilitating the U.S.-Canada Border Clearance Process
Do your shipments arrive at the Canadian border eligible for expedited review, with all documentation pre-filed and duties and taxes paid? Or do they go to the end of the... »

LTL Secrets Revealed: How Small Shippers Use Collaborative Strategies to Reduce High LTL Costs
For years small to medium-sized shippers have endured the higher cost of LTL carriers because they lacked the volume to ship full truckloads.  Today, more lower-volume... »

Integrate Contract Packaging with Distribution Operations for Dramatic Savings
CPG companies can reduce supply chain costs dramatically by integrating final packaging into existing distribution operations and entrusting the packaging function to the... »

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