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Supply Chain IT
Trading Inventory for Information: Supply Chain Visibility
Every company is spending time and energy in identifying every last possible tweak that can be made in the name of efficiency.  What other areas are there where we can... »

4 Reasons Supply Chain Leaders Are Investing in Order Management Automation
The pressures of today’s global economy have forced supply chain functions to play a more direct and strategic role in reducing costs, improving the customer experience, and... »

Closing the Order-to-Cash Performance Gap between Document Processes and ERP Applications
Companies running ERPs/business systems already have an edge — yet critical gaps still exist. Learn how end-to-end automation of the order-to-cash (O2C) cycle can drive: •... »

Automating Fax, Email & EDI Orders in an ERP Environment: How to Bring Speed, Visibility and Accuracy to Every Phase of Order Processing
In a perfect world, every sales order your company receives would go straight into your ERP system. But in reality, orders sent by fax and email end up as paper that gets... »

5 Worst Practices for Managing Global Freight
As supply chain professionals, we live in a world of unprecedented connectivity where partners collaborate seamlessly, in real time, to make faster, better decisions on... »

Customer Story: Method Creates Clean Path to Growth
Read this customer success story to learn how cleaning products manufacturer Method leverages EDI and B2B. Please CLICK HERE to download the whitepaper.

Michelin - Keeping the Supply Chain Rolling
Michelin is a world leading tire manufacturer, with a market share of 13,7%. Michelin has chosen OM Partners to solve its particular planning problems in the tire industry.... »

Don't Make Integration an Afterthought When Choosing Supply Chain Visibility Solutions
The need for collaboration between internal and external partners and stakeholders across the entire supply chain has risen sharply, driving a need for more and better... »

The B2B Integration Path - A Roadmap for Business Value Generation
This SCM World report outlines the B2B integration path and the benefits of B2B integration maturity, and offers expert recommendations for furthering your organization on... »

Integrated Product Portfolio and Project Management: The Art of New Product Demand Planning
Are you are having trouble forecasting new products further than 12 months out? Is lack of information keeping you from having consensus in a 24-36 month rolling Demand Plan?... »

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Legacy ERP Solutions: SaaS for Scalability & Efficiency
In this report, Mint Jutras explores the goals and challenges of companies who "graduate" from the likes of QuickBooks and other desktop solutions and make the... »

Is Your S&OP or IBP Process Delivering the Results You Expected?
Is your Sales & Operations Planning or Integrated Business Planning process delivering the results you expected? If not, read this new white paper.  Oliver Wight’s... »

Demand Control: An Often Missing Link in the Demand Management
In this white paper, the authors define Demand Control and outline its importance in Demand Management. Done well, Demand Control takes chaos out of the order fulfillment and... »

Going Global - Are You Ready?
It's the best of times to take your business global. It's the worst of times to take your business global. With apologies to Charles Dickens, we are living in roilingly... »

Getting Live on ERP in Less than 100 Days - The New Reality
Learn how Lindemann Chimney and Wittek Golf took the SuiteSuccess approach to ERP implementation and got their distribution businesses up and running in less than 100 days.... »

DynaSys Leadership White Paper DSCP for Consumer Products: How Can Consumer Products Companies Compete as Supply Chains Grow in Complexity?
The primary objective of consumer products manufacturers is to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time in the right quantity. This has to be done while... »

2016 Supplier Information Management Report
Supplier information management (SIM) can help you boost the efficiency of your supply chain. Gain a better understanding of SIM solutions, what features to look for, and... »

As Car Sales Zoom, Automotive Supply Chains Race to Keep Up
No doubt there is a certain irony that an industry built on making vehicles that move people from place to place, is itself essentially grounded if it can’t get needed parts... »

Traditional Retailers Tackle the Omnichannel
It has become obvious to anyone doing business in the retail sector that the industry has and will continue to undergo radical change. The reason is, of course, the internet... »

Finding a TMS that will Deliver Value Today and in the Future
The complexity that transportation teams are dealing with has increased dramatically in the past decade, and continues to increase in present day. Nonetheless, logistics... »

Track/Trace Solutions for the Logistics Supply Chain
Consumer satisfaction with the quality of your products is clearly important, but the service you provide before and after the sale is equally important to any business, but... »

Electronic Invoicing: European Union Directives Bring New Efficiencies and Cost Savings to Shipping
Despite the benefits of e-invoicing and looming regulation deadlines, many companies doing business in Europe still print and mail invoices, following old operating... »

How Technology is Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain
It's no secret that tech innovations have become key to the evolution of business processes. Whether born of necessity, to fill a niche need, or developed as a blue-sky... »

What Arrives in L.A. stays in L.A.: DC Bypass Strategies that Leverage the Largest U.S. Gateway
As a majority of retail products are sourced in Asia and arrive at West Coast ports, mid-tier retailers who rely exclusively on centralized distribution centers may be... »

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