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Supply Chain IT
Extending the Life of Your Warehouse Management System
No matter how big or how small the operation, everyone has “The List" – that set of unique items that their warehouse management system simply doesn’t do, or does... »

FTZs Reduce Total Landed Costs for Global Supply Chains
58% of companies agree that their inability to take advantage of preferential duty programs is costing them a material amount today and unless corrected, will only increase.... »

Three Must-Have Capabilities to Achieve Global Supply Chain Visibility
The importance of international supply chains is apparent, as 48% of companies now do business in more than 50 countries. But growing complexities, such as distance, culture,... »

How Collaboration Reduces Your Global Supplier Risks
Today’s supply chains are increasingly complex, and companies must manage risks both proactively and reactively to avoid disruptions like quality issues, shipment delays,... »

Understanding Your Total Cost of Ownership for Managing B2B Operations
Change: It's inevitable in the digital world. Customer expectations realign; business partner requirements shift; industry standards evolve; and new technology constantly... »

Seven Steps to Pick the Right IO Tool
Inventory Optimization Software has a high-impact for return on investment as it reduces inventory, freeing up working capital, and boosts service levels, leading to fewer... »

Seven Methods that Improve Forecast Accuracy
Typically, a variety of forecasting methods are applicable to any particular supply chain scenario. Smart supply chain planners use multiple forecasting methods tuned to... »

Retail Supply Chain Collaboration: 3 Catalysts for Success
Today’s retailers are determined to attack the market with innovative tactics ranging from developing unique products to helping customers finance their purchases. But at the... »

Achieving Supplier Collaboration to Reach Your Risk Management Goals
Almost everyone agrees that buy-in and cooperation from internal stakeholders “within the four walls” is no longer sufficient. You need tier 1 and sub-tier supplier... »

Navigating the World of Tougher Product Safety and Compliance Requirements
Global organizations are operating their supply chains in an environment of increasing complexity and ever-changing regulatory constraints. The product safety and compliance... »

Innovations in High Tech: What’s Changing in the Chain
By its very nature, the high tech sector is frequently on the cutting edge of logistics and supply-chain trends. Now the industry is gearing up to face a fresh challenge:... »

Aerogistics: Insights on Emerging Markets and Supply Chain Complexity
The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is experiencing a prolonged surge in growth. Factors include robust demand in new and emerging markets, as well as increased exports... »

What Makes a Superior Supply Chain for the Modern Era?
The High-volume DC that supports B2B, Omni-channel activities and direct-to-consumer shipments require flexible and scalable supply chain to function at an optimal level.... »

Solutions for Reaching New High Tech Markets
High tech companies are aggressively expanding in emerging markets to tap growth opportunities in multiple countries, especially in Asia, that offer a rising consumer class... »

Florida Food Distributor Uncovers $170K Savings Through Automated Handheld Asset Management
Florida food distributor Cheney Brothers recently invested in 100 voice-enabled scanners and headsets. In order to protect their investment and gain more accountability from... »

The Latest Trends in High Tech 3D Printing
3D printing is gaining traction in the high tech sector. Nevertheless, most manufacturers have yet to move beyond mere consideration of this innovative alternative to... »

Achieve 4,200 Orders/Hour using Zero Picking Labor
Being able to pick your fastest moving SKUs up to 4,200 orders per hour regardless of line count and quantity is part of the solution organizations are looking for today. The... »

Understanding Chain of Responsibility in the Supply Chain
Road Safety is No Longer the Sole Responsibility of Carriers

Transportation Trends and Insights
This e-book represents a collection of some of Penske’s monthly Transportation Insights. The pieces here focus on three key areas: talent shortage, driver health and... »

Taking Transportation Management to the Next Level
Transportation management lies at the heart of supply chain execution. Because it impacts so many core functions of the business, it exerts a crucial influence on the... »

The Other Half of Your Net Landed Cost of Goods
Net landed cost of goods, the total cost associated with getting goods into customers' hands, consists of cost of distribution (CoD) and cost of manufacturing (CoM). For... »

The Omni-Returns Experience
Retail returns are projected to reach $460 billion by 2017, outpacing projected ecommerce sales by $20 billion. To stay ahead of the competition, retailers need to consider... »

Streamlining Your Freight with an Integrated Transportation Network
In today’s challenging transportation market, where the pool of qualified drivers is shrinking, safety regulations are tighter than ever and fuel prices eat up much of your... »

What Are the Advantages of Third Party Logistics?
Supply chain challenges can weaken the foundation of any business, obstruct product flow, erode customer satisfaction, and drain profits. Collaborating with a 3PL partner can... »

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