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Supply Chain IT
Why You Need Big Data to Make Supply Chain Finance Actually Work
Supply chain finance holds a lot of promise for freeing up working capital, helping suppliers stay healthy, and being lucrative to financial institutions. But until now,... »

The Current and Future State of Digital Supply Chain Transformation
Executives see a large gap between the current state of digital transformation across their extended global value chains and what they expect to see in just five years from... »

Lenovo’s Supply Chain Reboot
Since acquiring IBM's PC business ten years ago, Lenovo has grown voraciously, expanding into the server business, the smartphone business, and into markets worldwide. To... »

State of the Global Supply Chain: A Research Report on the Top Issues Facing Industry Executives
Manufacturers expect major supply chain challenges and risks in 2016 stemming from external factors, often beyond their control. While meeting rapid-fire customer demand is... »

Data Sharing Fuels the Omnichannel Engine
Big data is single-handedly changing the way that retailers operate their brands. With more customer touch points creating reams of data, the quantity of available... »

2016: The Year We Network Our Supply Chains
American Shipper predicts that 2016 will be the pivotal year in which global companies realize that a networked approach to supply chain is the most sensible and... »

Retail Supply Chain Execution: New Requirements to Meet New Demand
The new retail customer simply doesn’t care about “channels” anymore, and retailers need to rethink their supply chain strategies from the ground up. A study conducted by RSR... »

Going Live: Supply Chain Execution Gets Strategic With Real-Time, Contextual Data
Big data is changing the way information flows through the supply chain. While over the last several years cloud platforms have transformed the way supply chain transactions... »

The Rise of the Quality Business Network
As the relationship between internal quality management processes, supply chains and customer experience becomes increasingly complex, stakeholders in the quality management... »

How Companies Are Tackling the Challenge of Risk Management
Managers of high-tech and medical supply chains discuss how their companies have approached the critical issue of risk management over the years -- and what more needs to be... »

Better Forecasting, Better Business
Imagine the potential for your business if you had a way to know what would happen tomorrow. Download your copy of our guide to attribute-based demand forecasting to learn... »

In Transition? How NetSuite takes Enterprise Technology 'Graduates' to Full-Scale Replacements
In this report, Mint Jutras explores the goals and challenges of companies who "graduate" from the likes of QuickBooks and other desktop solutions and make the... »

The Real-Time Advantage in Food Production
Food manufacturing has always been a challengingly dynamic business. With so many variables coming into play – from volatile weather conditions to evolving standards of food... »

Integrated Planning and Control
Many companies suffer needless erosion of operational and financial performance from neglecting to build organizational competency in Integrated Planning and Control, the... »

5 Best Practices to Enhance Supplier Management
Companies today struggle to find ways to reduce risk and increase operational efficiencies across facilities within their enterprise, while at the same time trying to find... »

Focusing Planning on What Matters Most
What if a new focus on materials management could lead to breakthrough inventory performance? Companies that have successfully implemented an ABC strategy as a first step to... »

LTL Secrets Revealed: How Small Shippers Use Collaborative Strategies to Reduce High LTL Costs
For years small to medium-sized shippers have endured the higher cost of LTL carriers because they lacked the volume to ship full truckloads.  Today, more lower-volume... »

Integrate Contract Packaging with Distribution Operations for Dramatic Savings
CPG companies can reduce supply chain costs dramatically by integrating final packaging into existing distribution operations and entrusting the packaging function to the... »

Is It Time to Think About Logistics Outsourcing?
The demands placed on today’s supply chains are becoming more complex and more challenging. Partnering with an integrated supply chain solutions provider to outsource... »

Pricing for Profit in Container Shipping
Discover how to price for profit in the container shipping industry. Find out more about price analytics and optimization technology from Quintiq. Download your copy of the... »

Track/Trace Solutions for the Logistics Supply Chain
Consumer satisfaction with the quality of your products is clearly important, but the service you provide before and after the sale is equally important to any business, but... »

Sustainable Reverse Logistics: Reducing Waste and Emissions in the Retail Supply Chain
Every year, consumers return 3.5 billion products, resulting in a significant amount of financial and environmental waste. Retailers have a tremendous opportunity to recoup... »

The Value in Partnering with an Integrated Supply Chain Solutions Provider
As the pace of change accelerates in today's world, the demands placed on supply chains are increasing dramatically. By partnering with an integrated supply chain solutions... »

Retailer-Supplier Collaboration: Identifying and Eliminating Barriers to Improve Supply Chain Performance
Everyone seems to agree that collaboration between retailers and suppliers promotes a leaner, more profitable supply chain for all. But the pace of collaborative initiatives... »

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