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A Guide to Selecting a WMS Vendor
A Guide to Selecting a WMS Vendor

While the right WMS can be the piece of enabling technology that allows companies to scale their capabilities, drive revenue growth, and reduce operational costs, there are numerous accounts of troubled, even failed implementations. In Commonwealth’s experience, the majority of sub-optimal WMS implementations can be traced to a failure to follow a thorough software selection process. Specifically, companies fail to properly define their requirements up-front in the race to get a solution implemented.

This white paper, the first in a two-part series on WMS vendor selection, will focus on Phase I of a proper WMS selection process: Distribution Process Optimization.

Readers will learn:

• Which details successful companies hone in on early
• How to create a foundational framework for your WMS project that can save time and mitigate risk
• How to properly estimate realistic financial savings and costs associated with the implementation of a new WMS

Please CLICK HERE to download the whitepaper.

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